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Finally found some time to study the rules and prepare for the Missouri permit test? Awesome! We've got just the thing for you! A free Missouri permit practice test (MO) 2019 to get you started with twenty sample permit test questions that cover road rules and road signs! Good for beginners and those who already took a practice permit test or two, this quiz is your launch pad on the road that leads to a drivers permit!  Don't take our word for it, though, complete the quiz and rip the benefits!

The permit practice test consists of twenty multiple choice questions that cover a broad variety of road signs and driving rules.  Sample questions on defensive driving, parking, right-of-way, seat belt laws and sharing the road with others - you just name it!  The practice quiz is graded on the go - just pick an answer and you will see whether you are right immediately!  If you miss a question, the system will show you the right answer along with a detailed explanation of why this particular answer is correct.  Make sure you read these explanations, they are extremely helpful when it comes to memorizing the rules!

The practice test is a learning tool and we are trying to make the process as easy and fun as possible.  This free Missouri permit practice test contains a number of study aids to help you get through the most difficult questions.  Whenever you are at loss, just click on the 50/50 or "HINT" button and the practice exam will rush to your rescue!  The 50/50 button hides half of incorrect answers from the screen, immediately raising your chances to pick the right answer.  Hints work in a much more subtle way, they are small snippets of information that will nudge you towards the right answer without giving it away.  Play around with these options and let us know how you liked them!

When you are looking for additional study materials and a complete MO permit test study guide, there is simply no replacement to the official Missouri permit test book.  The book, also known as the drivers manual, did not get its name for no reason, it really is the ultimate permit test study guide!  The real test is based exclusively on the information that appears in the manual and we advise that everyone reads it at least once before scheduling an appointment with the Department of Revenue.  Combine reading the book with taking our free practice permit tests for MO and you've got yourself a winning deal!

There is a huge debate among those applying for a Missouri drivers permit on how many practice tests they should take and what score is considered to be sufficient for passing the learners permit test.  While there is no simple answer to the question, it is our recommendation that you take as many sample exams as possible before you go down to a local DOR office.  Should you stop if you take this online MO practice permit test and score 100% the first time?  Certainly not!  Just move on to the next sample quiz and keep taking them until you are happy with your grade on each and every one of them!  We've got hundreds of sample permit test questions in store for you and since every Missouri permit practice test on the website is free, there is absolutely nothing that stops you from taking them all! Maximize your chances of passing the real test!