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This free Missouri practice permit test contains 20 sample questions on MO road signs and traffic rules.  True to the trend set by other exams, all questions are multiple choice, with 4 answers provided for every question.  Consider your options carefully before you indicate the correct answer - you won't be able to change it and the system will immediately let you know whether you have answered the question correctly.  Don't worry if you don't do as well as you would like to on your first run, mistakes are part of the learning process, they help you pinpoint the rules you may have missed while reading the official drivers manual and our free Missouri DMV practice test will immediately alert you to any mistake you make so you can correct it right on the spot. Should you pick a wrong option, the practice permit test will always highlight it in red and display the correct answer for you, along with a detailed justification for that answer.  These explanations are based on the 2019 Missouri permit book and you should take a moment to read them before moving on to the next question!  By the way, don't worry about writing those questions down, you will have an opportunity to review them again when you complete the entire exam!

While an 80% mark is a pass on the real Missouri permit test, we recommend that you aim somewhat higher while working on the permit practice test and don't stop until your grades start consistently hitting the 90% bar.  Taking an extra moment to achieve that score now doesn't cost you anything, while failing the drivers permit test by a single question will mean that you have to waste more time and money on travel, waiting in the DMV lines, studying for the permit test again.  Do the smart thing and create a safety cushion for yourself!

This permit practice test MO quiz covers the entire scope of Missouri driving rules and serves as a comprehensive overview of the real knowledge test.  You may expect to see questions on DUI traffic penalties, right-of-way rules, parking on hills, speed limits and countless Missouri road signs.  All these subjects are important and you should not favor one over another - a question on carpool lanes scores you the same number of points as a question on sharing the road with motorcycles, be sure to study all these topics before you head over to the nearest DMV office.

Want to suggest a question for this 2019 Missouri permit practice test?  Just post it into comments, we'll research the answers and include it into the next test update! We always welcome new questions that are sent to us by users who have already passed the exam!  Help us help you!