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This free permit practice test contains 20 sample questions for the 2019 Missouri permit test.  All questions are based on the real exam and the official drivers book, the book you are advised to study before you do anything else. We know, we know, the drivers manual is dull, the book is too lengthy, and you've heard of hundreds of people who have successfully passed the learners permit test without having to open the book once.  These are all good reasons, but think about this: the Missouri Department of Revenue explicitly states that all questions on the permit test come straight from the manual (this is the reason why so many choose to refer to the drivers manual as to the Missouri permit book), they don't use any other materials when drawing up new questions for the exam.  This automatically makes the book, along with this free Missouri practice permit test, one of the best drivers license study guide available out there, and the state is giving it away for free!   Maximize your chances of passing the real knowledge quiz and claim advantage over other test takers!

Questions on this free MO practice permit test cover the entire scope of topics that appear on the permit test: speed limits, DUI laws, traffic rules and Missouri road signs.  All questions are multiple choice, with four choices provided for every question.  One of the most common mistakes among first-time test takers is to blunder through the exam like they're being chased by a bear, choosing the first option that seems right and without taking an extra moment to read through all of the provided answers.  If you want to avoid making a bunch of silly mistakes that can easily be avoided and not fail the drivers permit test, you need to slow down and make sure you read and fully understand each one of the provided choices.  It is quite common for written test questions (and you will know what we're talking about once you start working on this online Missouri permit practice test) to contain two or more answers that are similar at first glance, yet once you start digging for details, you notice that there is a crucial difference between them, making only one of the answer correct.  If you rush through the permit practice test MO quiz, you are bound to miss these questions, so get into the habit of working through every question while you're still working on this free drivers license practice test.

We believe that you learn best when you receive immediate feedback and this MO practice permit test was built around this idea!  The sample quiz is graded on the go and you are being alerted to any mistakes you make the instant they take place!  Whenever you happen to pick a wrong answer (and don't beat yourself up about it too much, mistakes are a normal part of the learning process), our free permit practice test will highlight your answer in red and mark the correct answer with green so you learn on the spot! Wait, it gets better!  In order to save you time on researching the topic with the help of the drivers manual, we have already done that for you!  Our Missouri state permit practice test displays a detailed explanation for every question you fail, helping you study even faster!

Once you complete the entire sample Missouri drivers permit practice test, take note of your final grade, it works as a great marker of your current progress and can help you determine your next steps.  We recommend that you continue working on the permit practice test until you can answer no less than 18 questions correctly, at which point you are good to go to the next exam in the line-up.  Don't worry if you don't get there the first time you take the exam, this practice test (and all other exams on the website, for that matter) is completely free and offers unlimited retests.   Just take the permit practice test once more and watch your grades rise in front of your eyes!

Enjoy this free Missouri permit practice test (MO) 2019 and don't forget to share it with friends who may be taking the exam soon!  Good luck at the DOR!