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Despite the widespread rumor that you can pass the Missouri drivers permit test without ever studying, since all of the questions are common sense, official statistics from the Department of Revenue tell us a completely different story.  On average, every second learners permit applicants fail the written test on their first visit to the DMV.   Grant you, these odds are better than the odds of drawing a jackpot in Powerball, but they are still quite dire.  What's even more amazing is that students choose to walk in and have a go and winging the exam even though all of the necessary MO permit test study tools are free:  you have the official permit book, study sheets, cheat sheets and sample quizzes, just like this online Missouri drivers practice test, it's just a matter of investing a little time into studying for the exam.  And it doesn't even take that long!  Completing this drivers license practice test takes less than five minutes!  Five minutes of your time every now and then for a week - this is all it takes to learn the required Missouri road signs and traffic laws!  Start studying early and you'll turn into a drivers ed guru by the time you hit the permit quiz!

This MO practice permit tests consists exclusively of multiple choice questions, there are 20 of them and they cover a broad range of driving laws and traffic regulations.  While some subject on the Missouri drivers permit test are considered to be more important than others by some students  (most applicants struggle with questions on fines & penalties), we recommend that you don't spend too much time on a single topic and cover as many different things as possible.  You will notice that our Missouri drivers permit practice test is very broad and has questions on signalling, highway driving, negotiating railroad crossings, sharing the road with school buses and motorcycles, parking on hills and right-of-way rules.  Everything is equally important and a question on seat belt regulations can fail you just as easily as a question on BAC regulations.  Get as much experience as you can and cover as many Missouri drivers test practice questions as possible before you head off to your local DOR office!

The practice permit test is graded as you go through the exam and you always see whether you have chosen the right answer for the question.  Whenever you make a mistake, the exam shows you the right answer and even provides an explanation for that answer!  These explanations help you save time on searching for the corresponding rule in the drivers license guide, so you can concentrate on the drivers practice test and not have to constantly refer to outside study materials.   With this in mind, we always recommend that you read the Missouri permit book BEFORE you start working in written practice tests.  The drivers manual provides you with a great overview of driving rules and road signs and you can build upon that with the help of drivers practice quizzes.

Continue working on this free Missouri drivers permit practice test (MO) 2020 until you can answer 18 or more questions every time!  Once you've reached this goal, you are good to go to the next level and start the next exam in the lineup!