Minnesota CDL Drivers License Test (MN) Simulator 2021

Don't take the real Minnesota commercial drivers license test until you can tackle our 2021 CDL test Simulator!

  • 50 Questions
  • 80% Passing Score
  • 10 Mistakes Allowed
80% of students found this test helpful!
Rated 4.0 out of 5 by 5 drivers

Minnesota CDL Test Facts

  • Questions: 50
  • Correct answers to pass: 40
  • Passing score: 80%
  • Test locations: Department of Public Safety (DPS) Offices
  • Test languages: English, Spanish
  • Based upon: MN CDL Manual
Improve your chances of passing the test by reading the official Minnesota drivers manual Drivers Manual

Once you’re confident that you’ve learned everything you can from the Minnesota DMV handbook, taken a few free CDL practice tests and feel just about ready to head to the DPS test center for your DMV permit test, it’s time to take our CDL general knowledge Simulator quiz for a spin! If you live in Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Duluth or anywhere else in the state, this MN permit test Simulator can give you the self-belief you need to get an excellent score on your general knowledge exam first time around. Nobody wants to waste time and money making a trip to the DPS office only to fail the exam, so before you book, use our Simulator quiz a few times and you’ll know for certain if you’re ready.

We call this DMV CDL practice test for Minnesota a “Simulator” because it’s a bit different to other online quizzes. No other website has come anywhere close when it comes to constructing a test this similar to the real MN DMV written test. If a CDL general knowledge practice test for Minnesota is supposed to show you that you can pass the actual exam, it needs to be exactly like the real thing. Luckily for you, we’ve achieved that with this permit test DMV Simulator! When you take the real general knowledge exam you’ll be faced with 50 multiple-choice and “true or false” permit test questions on vital CDL topics such as controlling your vehicle, calculating how much space you have on the road, skid control and recover, road signs and road rules, dealing with aggressive drivers and accident and emergency procedures. You can expect exactly the same experience from our DMV practice permit test! The only difference is, you won’t be stood in the DMV office while you’re using this quiz.

Many of the DMV test questions included on this revolutionary DMV test MN Simulator have featured on real exam papers in the past; those that have not have been constructed by experts in the industry to precisely resemble legitimate permit test questions, based on the information in the Minnesota permit test study guide. A permit test quiz is only as realistic as its questions, but you’re in safe hands with us! This DMV general knowledge practice test also requires the same score for students to pass as the actual exam, that is 80 percent or 40 questions correct out of a possible 50. Don’t despair if you find yourself struggling to get a passing grade the first time you use this MN CDL practice test, after all this is a challenging quiz! All you need to do is use the Simulator regularly in the run up to your actual test date, until you can consistently score at least 90 percent of the questions correct – then you will definitely feel ready.

You can use this DMV permit test MN Simulator as often as you like, as many times as needed – we will never charge you a penny. Every time you re-start the quiz, it will randomly select 50 permit test questions from our vast pool of possible questions. This means you’ll be getting assessed on something new with each attempt! As you might have guessed, there are no study aids on this practice DMV Minnesota permit test as it needs to closely recreate real permit test conditions. Consequently, if you want a true result, you will have to hold up your end of the deal and avoid looking up any of the answers online or in the permit test study guide!

Best of luck and enjoy the test!