Do not neglect the study of road signs and pavement markings when preparing for the MA RMV permit test. These subjects are guaranteed to account for some of the permit test questions on the exam, though there is no way to predict how many! To be in with a chance of achieving a 70% passing grade, you will need to be ready for any road sign questions that come your way. There are literally hundreds of different road signs in common use on Massachusetts roadways, not to mention dozens more obscure signs which drivers do not encounter on a regular basis. To make memorizing all these road signs as easy as possible, we have listed them all in their distinct categories on this page, along with pavement markings.

Make sure you also have a copy of the MASS DMV permit book before you begin your studies, as this may include some important state-specific information which we have not covered here. As far as road signs are concerned, everything included in the driving manual is also included on this page. Rather than searching the permit book for the right information every time you wish to study road signs, you can return here in just a click of a button and find everything you need in one place.

Sometimes, the meaning of a road sign is obvious. The “DO NOT ENTER”, “STOP” and “ONE WAY” signs are good examples of signs which are easy to identify, even if you have never come across them before. Unfortunately, many common road signs are more obscure, so you cannot rely on their meaning being immediately apparent during the MA RMV written test. Learning about the colors and shapes which classify road signs as a warning sign, guide sign or regulatory sign will help you pick out the correct permit test answers during the exam. Though, you will also have to memorize as many individual road signs as you can before the test. Working through the “Signs, Signals & Markings” chapter of our free driver’s education course will arm you with some useful tips that will help you identify unfamiliar signs during the Massachusetts RMV learners permit test. There is also a ton of useful information on the course relating to rules of the road and other essential driving theory subjects.

Answering sample permit test questions is a great way to make sure your road sign knowledge is up-to-scratch, prior to the 2023 MA DMV test. Traditionally, the Massachusetts driving handbook was the only place students could gain access to real RMV test questions free of charge. Thanks to the team here at, you now have access to hundreds of legitimate sample questions, spread across a selection of great DMV practice tests. We have even created dedicated RMV written practice test quizzes featuring nothing but road sign and pavement marking questions, allowing for more focused revision when you wish to test your knowledge in these areas. Every MA DMV practice written test we provide is free to use and available for an unlimited number of re-tests. It does not matter if it takes you weeks to achieve a grade you are happy with, as our quizzes and high-quality learning tools will be with you every step of the way. If you think your road sign knowledge is reasonable already, why not try out one of our free tests right now and find out for certain? When you are done, you will have the opportunity to compare your score with other students from around Massachusetts.

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