Learn road signs for the permit test in Illinois, with the fantastic free resources we provide, here on ePermitTest.com. There is no need to sign up or part with a single cent of your hard-earned cash to get the information you need, as it is all ready to go, right here on this page! The study of road signs and pavement markings is an important part of your drivers education, as these topics are guaranteed to be addressed during the initial SOS written test. Moreover, you cannot hope to practice your driving skills behind the wheel until your knowledge of signs, signals and markings is good enough that you can navigate public roads safely. There is a great deal to learn before you get your hands on that learner’s permit, but don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

The Illinois DMV permit test features 35 multiple-choice questions and you must answer no less than 28 correctly to achieve a pass. Unfortunately, there is no way to predict how many of these permit test questions will target road signs, or which road signs will be addressed. As you can see from the information on this page, there are many hundreds of different road signs in common use on our roadways. To be in with a decent chance of passing the 2024 permit test first time, you must be able to recognize all of them. Memorizing individual road signs and pavement markings is essential, though you will also need to learn about different categories of road sign and the purposes they serve. This will help you during the DMV written test if a road sign comes up which you do not immediately recognize. Plus, it will ensure you can understand unfamiliar road signs should you ever encounter them while driving.

You can usually identify the general meaning of a road sign by its color and shape. Black and white, or black white and red signs are known as regulatory road signs. Their main purpose is to enforce road rules, by telling motorists what they must or must not do in a certain area. Two of the most common regulatory road signs on this page are the “DO NOT ENTER” sign and the “ONE WAY” sign. Warning signs are also easy to spot, as they are typically diamond-shaped and yellow, featuring a black symbol which represents a specific hazard. For example, a yellow diamond with a deer symbol by the roadside serves to warn motorists that wild animals may be present on the road. Similar color and shape rules apply for guide signs and work zone signs, which are also included on this page and in our other Illinois permit test materials. To learn about road sign and pavement marking categories, check out the official driving manual and read the “Signs, Signals & Markings” section of our free driver’s education course.

Pavement markings are an essential yet often overlooked aspect of the DMV written test. Most new drivers can recognize a few common road signs before they begin learning to drive themselves, though few understand the complex network of solid and broken painted lines which mark out the surface of the road. Do not worry if pavement markings are a mystery to you, as the pavement markings section on this page contains all the information you must learn in preparation for the Illinois learners permit test. When you’re ready to measure your progress with these materials, pop over to our dedicated pavement markings and road signs drivers permit practice test! Like our other resources, every Illinois driving practice test we provide is instantly accessible and 100 % free to use.

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