Before you can start learning to drive, you must first study pavement markings and road signs for the Arkansas permit test. It is imperative that all new drivers can recognize road signs and pavement markings easily, prior to getting on the road. The physical task of driving and scanning the roadway for hazards takes a great deal of effort and attention. If you spend too much time reading the road signs around you, it will be impossible to control your vehicle effectively and avoid danger. Once you have proven your knowledge of road signs and pavement markings by passing the AR OMV written test, you will be all set to get on the road. Use the comprehensive list of road signs and pavement markings on this page, to start getting read for the 2024 permit test.

The DMV do not specify how many questions on the 25-question permit test will be dedicated to road signs and pavement markings. Though, if past exam papers are anything to go by, you should expect approximately one third of the permit test questions to be road sign related. It is irrelevant how many questions on the test target road signs and markings, as you need to learn all the material anyway. You could be asked about any of the road signs or pavement markings included in the Arkansas driver’s handbook, plus, you need to be well-versed in road signs when you get behind the wheel. Memorizing road signs for the permit test seems like an enormous undertaking, given how many signs and markings there are. With our resources and guidance, you will be ready to take on the Arkansas DMV test in no time.

We have listed every essential road sign and pavement marking on this page, to save you from having to search through the DMV handbook every time you wish to study. You will still need a current copy of the driving manual to support your work with our material. Get your PDF version of the manual from the DMV website or here, on When you are ready to begin learning, scroll through the road signs and pavement markings on this page and see if you can spot any reoccurring color and shape themes. Our team have sorted all the road signs you must learn for the Arkansas DMV permit test into four categories: work zone signs, guide signs, regulatory signs and warning signs. As you can see, signs in the same category usually share common features. For instance, all warning signs are yellow diamonds, while all regulatory signs are black and white. If you can use colors and shapes to identify the general meaning of an unfamiliar road sign during the DMV written test, you are more likely to choose the correct answer from the multiple-choice options available. This will also be a valuable skill while you are learning to drive, as it will help you to read road signs without taking too much attention away from the road.

One of the most popular resources we offer is a free driver’s education course for Arkansas students. While studying road signs and pavement markings, you should work through the “Signs, Signals & Markings” section of this course. Doing so will teach you to “read” the language of shapes, colors and symbols which connect United States road signs, while also making sure you memorize the unique road signs which are likely to appear on the permit test.

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