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If you will be working behind the wheel of a liquid transportation tank-truck when you pass your commercial driving test, you will need to pass the Washington state CDL tanker test before engaging a driving instructor. Any theory examinations which relate to the type of vehicle you hope to drive or the load you will be carrying must be dealt with following the CDL general knowledge exam but prior to your practical driving test. You can prepare for the Tanker Vehicles DMV written test with the WA state tanker endorsement practice test on this page, which is one of several free CDL practice tests we provide that you are likely to need. Whether our other resources will be of use to you depends on which DOL permit tests you have already passed, as there are several qualifications linked to the Washington state tanker permit.

Whichever assessment you next need to prepare for, using a WA DOL CDL practice test to support the CDL study material in the permit book will dramatically speed-up your learning and get you exam-ready in the shortest time possible. Our CDL general knowledge practice test for Washington state drivers is the quiz you should focus on if you have yet to take any commercial driving license exams, as it deals with rules of the road, road signs and everything else you must know to pass the initial CDL general knowledge test. The next logical step in your studies is to apply for any compulsory license endorsements that are associated with the class of tank-truck you hope to work with. This will at least mean obtaining an Air Brakes endorsement as all tanker vehicles are rated as Class B or above and consequently, operate using an air braking system. We provide a DOL practice test WA quiz for the air brakes permit test, in addition to a quiz for the Combination Vehicles endorsement, which you will need if your tanker vehicle falls into the highest, Class A weight category.

Following the above-mentioned assessments, participants may start studying for any cargo-specific qualifications they require, like the tanker vehicles N endorsement. In partnership, the N endorsement study material and our CDL tanker practice test for Washington state drivers will teach you about the challenges of tank-truck operation and help you to apply the information practically to realistic permit test questions. Our questions focus on tanker vehicle control issues, how to avoid rolling your vehicle, the dangers of liquid surges in partially-full tanks, how much different liquids weigh, understanding your maximum load, checking for leaks during vehicle inspection and tank filling procedures – among other vital topics. Essentially, every important sub-topic presented in the driver’s handbook will be addressed in some way on our WA state tank practice test for 2020 applicants. The ePermitTest.com team make certain that all the information we use is relevant to the current DOL test guidelines and exam topics, by checking every question we source against material in the most recent edition of the study guide.

Depending on the type of liquid you intend to transport, it may also be necessary to obtain a hazmat endorsement to accompany your tank-truck permit. Gas, industrial chemicals and other common liquid cargos are considered to be hazardous based on the guidelines in the driver’s permit book, which means they can only be carried by hazmat-certified drivers. You may wish to check out our hazmat quiz when you are finished with this practice tanker test WA quiz. Every resource we provide is suitable for learners from Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma and all other cities in Washington state, as the DOL follow the same examination rules state-wide!