Whether you’re from Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma or Bellevue, you can make light work of the Washington State DMV permit test for a commercial driving license, with the help of one amazing resource. We are referring to is the CDL WA state driver’s manual for 2022 – no commercial driving student should try and prepare for their DOL written test without it!

You’ve probably already noticed that there are tons of learning resources and study aids available to CDL learner drivers online, so what makes the Washington state driver guide so special? Sure, other learning resources can be useful; for instance permit test practice quizzes can be particularly valuable when you reach the point that you want to challenge your knowledge with realistic DMV test questions. Though as the WA driver’s guide is an official DMV document, there is no superior source of permit test preparation material around.

If you have your heart set on using a CDL practice test for Washington state, don’t worry, you still can. The most important thing is that you read about the commercial driving license test topics in detail first, making sure that your source is reliable. This is why the WA DMV handbook is so essential. What resource could be more accurate than one produced by the organization who also design your 2022 DMV test?

So, what should you expect to find in your CDL Washington state driver’s manual? The majority of the permit test study guide will be taken up with information that is relevant to all drivers in commercial driving situations; it is not specific to a certain occupation or class of commercial vehicle. These topics include basic vehicle control, skid control, space management, seeing hazards, vehicle inspection, drug and alcohol rules, road signs and rules of the road. If you are using the permit book to study for the CDL general knowledge permit test in Washington, these are the subjects you should seek out and focus on.

The CDL general knowledge DMV WA permit test is not the only written exam associated with the commercial drivers license. Applicants may further specify what kind of driving job they can do, by adding endorsements to their main driving license. These qualifications include School Bus, Passenger, Combination Vehicles and Air Brakes, to name just a few. They each come with their own, brief DMV written test for 2022 and any that you choose must be obtained after the general knowledge exam. Your Washington state driving manual will also contain dedicated chapters for each of the endorsement tests! So, if you’re done with the permit test and want a reliable source of endorsement specific information, this is the manual for you. Try to resist the temptation to read about the endorsement exams in your DMV drivers manual if you haven’t yet passed the general knowledge WA DMV test – you could end up filling your head with information you will not need for the exam!

The Washington driver license manual for CDL learners does have one weakness: it often does not contain a decent selection of DMV practice permit test questions for each topic. When it comes to gauging your progress, there is no better tool than a good-quality DMV written practice test, particularly one which uses legitimate permit test questions! On ePermitTest.com we have several free permit test practice quizzes for the general knowledge exam and one for each of the CDL endorsements. Want to try one right away? Why not go over to the DMV website and download your free copy of the Washington driver’s manual for 2022 now?

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