In Washington state, aspiring drivers must pass the 40-question DMV permit test before they may legally begin their practical driver’s training. Before you head off to the local DMV office in Seattle, Vancouver or Spokane, you need to learn everything there is to know about rules of the road, road signs and pavement markings, as these are the topics you will be tested on during the exam. Finding reliable study materials can be a challenge, so we have taken the liberty of making your life easier by gathering everything you will need together in one place, here on

Don’t worry if you are not sure where to begin in preparing for the WA state permit test, as we can guide you through the process. The best way to start familiarizing yourself with the DOL written test topics and learning what it will take to become a licensed driver, is to work through our free driver’s education course. Covering everything from driver awareness to basic vehicle maintenance, our 2024 drivers ed course will bring your essential driving knowledge up to scratch in no time. As it is available for unlimited access on any internet enabled device, you are free to return to different sections of the course and brush up on the most important topics whenever and wherever you like. Keep in mind that your first task will be passing the initial DMV written test which addresses rules of the road and road signs. To use your study time wisely, we suggest focusing most of your initial study time on the “Signs, Signals & Markings” and “Rules of the Road” modules of the course.

New driver’s license applicants must answer no less than 32 permit test questions correctly to score a pass on the permit test and earn their learner’s permit. To make sure you can meet this standard when the time comes, it is important to dedicate some of your regular study hours to answering Washington state DMV practice test questions. Otherwise, you will not know whether you can apply what you have learned in an exam environment successfully. To keep you going in the run-up to the DMV learner’s permit test, we have created a unique collection of DMV written practice test quizzes, specifically for Washington state learners. Every DMV permit practice test in our range is built using genuine permit test questions taken from real-life exams that other applicants have faced in the past. You will not find DMV test questions as authentic as the ones we provide, anywhere else on the internet. Also keep in mind that most online practice DMV tests come with a price tag, whereas ours are totally free to use.

When you have passed the initial general knowledge permit test, you should once again return to our free WA drivers education course, before jumping into the driver’s seat. Using the course to guide your practice of essential driving maneuvers is the best way to study for the practical road skills test, as we have included step-by-step guides, tips and useful illustrations to make sure you follow the correct safety procedures. Most of the information you need can be found in the “Driving Maneuvers” module, though you should also pay attention to the chapters dealing with defensive driving, roadway scanning techniques and driver responsibilities. Learning to drive takes more than memorizing a few road rules and road signs. To become a truly safe and competent motorist, you must learn to identify and reduce risks on the roadway around your vehicle. Our resources will teach you how to do this, in accordance with the safety information in the official Washington state DMV permit book.

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