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If your CDL permit test for Washington state is just around the corner and you don’t feel prepared, don’t panic. With a little help from this CDL general knowledge practice test for WA state you can be ready for your DOL permit test in no time. As your exam date approaches, we advise you to keep reading the Washington state permit test study guide and break up your reading time by using this quiz regularly. It features genuine CDL general knowledge test questions and answers for 2020, based on the material you will already be familiar with in the permit book. You can expect permit test questions on a wide variety of CDL general knowledge topics to appear on this WA CDL general knowledge practice test, just as they would on the real exam.

You could be asked about subjects such as vehicle control, inspecting your vehicle before a journey, what effect tiredness and alcohol have on your driving, how to communicate with other drivers, gauging how much space your vehicle has and seasonal issues, like winter and hot-weather driving. There are also questions on the quiz relating to road rules and road signs – it provides you with every aspect of Washington state permit test preparation you could possibly need. No other 2020 CDL practice test even comes close in terms of accuracy and authenticity!

As the DMV permit test for WA state follows a standard format for all three classes of commercial driving license, this DMV general knowledge practice test is an appropriate study aid for Class C, Class B and Class A learners permit applicants. However, it is worth noting that this quiz does not cover material relating to the separate endorsement exams, of which most commercial drivers will need to take at least one. Which endorsements you go for will depend on what you ultimately decide to do with your commercial driving license, but you don’t have to work that out now as the CDL general knowledge Washington state permit test comes first. You may be asked general questions related to hazardous materials on the CDL general knowledge test, but you would still need to apply for a separate HazMat endorsement if you want to transport hazardous materials.

You may already know that the real CDL permit test contains 50 multiple-choice and “true or false” questions; if you’re looking for a WA state CDL practice test of the same length, we do have two available on the website, but this quiz is a little different. We’ve designed this DMV CDL practice test for Washington state as an introductory-level quiz, containing only 20 multiple-choice questions so that beginner learners can tackle the test easily without finding themselves overwhelmed. It has helpful images and an extra guidance tool which explains each of the permit test answers as you work through the quiz. This means you will never be in a position where you don’t understand how a correct answer was reached, enabling you to learn and perform better the next time you take the test.

Most students can work through this simple WA state CDL practice test general knowledge quiz in a few minutes. If you’re looking for something more involving, why not try one of our other CDL practice tests like the CDL general knowledge cheat sheet or Washington state permit test DMV Simulator? These full-length quizzes generally take around 15 to 20 minutes to complete, though you may want to leave yourself a little longer for the Simulator as it doesn’t come with any support tools. Best of luck!