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Are you hoping to drive multiple-trailer trucks for a living? You need our CDL doubles and triples practice test WA quiz! While double and triple-trailer combination vehicles do qualify as Class A, you will need more than a standard Class A license to operate them. In addition to the compulsory assessments which every Class A applicant must pass, aspiring double and triple-trailer truck drivers must study the specific rules and regulations of multiple-trailer vehicle operation and pass the Washington state doubles and triples permit test. Completing that exam with a final score of 16 correct answers or more will earn you a T endorsement for your Class A commercial permit. Then, if you are not intending to work with passengers, hazardous materials or liquids, you are free to begin taking driving lessons in a double or triple trailer combination vehicle. When you are ready to take on the doubles and triples permit test, our 2020 doubles and triples practice test will help you earn that essential T endorsement in the shortest possible time.

Now, what about those other Class A license examinations? The entire process begins with the CDL general knowledge Washington state permit test which addresses information that all commercial drivers must know, such as rules of the road, general vehicle control, commercial driving regulations and highway signs. Elsewhere on ePermitTest.com we provide a comprehensive CDL general knowledge practice test WA state quiz which targets these topics and can be used to study for the assessment in conjunction with the material in the CDL general knowledge study guide. You next job will be acquiring the two obligatory Class A endorsements: The Air Brakes endorsement exam and the Washington state CDL combination test.

Every truck in the Class A category uses air brakes and is some combination of truck and trailer, which is why these two qualifications are set-requirements for every Class A driver. Check out our Air Brakes DMV CDL practice test if you still need to pass the air brakes test, or our WA combination CDL practice test, if you are missing the Combination Vehicles endorsement. Much of the combination vehicles endorsement material is relevant to the doubles and triples qualification; the same challenges apply to both types of vehicle for the most part, but they become more of an issue as further trailers are added. You may find it useful to go over some of the Combination Vehicles information before progressing to doubles and triples material, if it has been a while since you passed the test. Take a moment or two now to use our Washington state CDL combination practice test, if you feel this would be beneficial.

As you might imagine, most of the challenges associated with double and triple-trailer truck operation are caused by the length of the vehicle. When changing lanes, the “crack the whip” effect can cause your rear trailers to swing out of line and into other streams of traffic. You can learn how to manage this risk, in addition to safe coupling procedures, roll-over prevention, skid control, parking rules and various other essential T endorsement topics by reading the permit test study guide and answering questions on our WA doubles and triples practice test for 2020 applicants. Our questions target every major topic and use the exact-same format as the real Washington state CDL doubles and triples test! If you can use what you have learned about double and triple-trailer vehicle operation to answer questions on this WA doubles and triples endorsement practice test correctly, coping with the real assessment should not be a problem.