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Do you know which endorsements you need to apply for to obtain a Class A commercial driving permit? The information on this page should clear everything up and help you put together an effective learning plan. Keep in mind that you should only apply for license endorsements following successful completion of the DMV general knowledge test WA exam, which is the first assessment that all commercial driving students must pass. Elsewhere on ePermitTest.com, you will find a comprehensive CDL general knowledge practice test for Washington state drivers that can be used in preparation of the opening exam. This page will take you to our WA combination CDL practice test, which targets one of the compulsory Class A endorsement permit tests: Combination Vehicles. This qualification is a set-requirement for all Class A students in the state, as most Class A vehicles are made up of a truck towing at least one trailer.

You can apply to take the Washington state CDL combination test at any point after passing the CDL general knowledge exam, though we recommend all students spend some time working with our combination vehicles quiz before attempting the real thing. Through answering the Combination Vehicles permit test questions included on our DOL practice test for 2020 applicants, you can make sure you have not misunderstood anything in the study material or skipped over any vital information which could undermine your performance during the assessment. The most successful students generally dedicate around two thirds of their learning time to reading the Combination Vehicles material in the permit book, with the remaining third reserved for answering questions on the CDL combination practice test WA state quiz. Alternating between the two resources as you go along will allow you to put what you have learned into practice when it fresh in your mind and should ultimately improve your retention of the material.

So, which other qualifications will you need for your Class A learner’s permit? The Air Brakes endorsement is also a set requirement for Class A driving students and is the only mandatory assessment at Class B. We provide a dedicated Air Brakes Class B and Class A license Washington state practice test featuring questions from that examination, around which you can base your studies for the L endorsement permit test. This qualification can be acquired either before or after you pass the CDL combination test WA exam, though most students choose to take it prior as it is also compulsory at Class B. While these two endorsements are the only mandatory qualifications associated with the Class A license, it is entirely possible that the specific driving role you hope to obtain demands further optional license endorsements. For future reference, our team have also constructed free CDL practice tests for the Passenger Vehicles permit, the Tanker Vehicles endorsement and the Hazmat endorsement – which are some of the most common optional license add-ons.

When you are all-set to start learning about combination vehicle operation, kick off your study plan with an introductory round on this Washington state CDL Class A combination practice test. You cannot expect to answer many of the questions correctly first-time but with legitimate content targeting every major topic featured on the permit test, our quiz can show you exactly what you are aiming for! When you have spent some time learning about combination vehicle parking rules, roll-over prevention, vehicle inspection, skid prevention, railway crossing and emergency procedures from the WA state CDL general knowledge study guide, you will begin to notice significant improvements in your score with each new attempt at the DOL permit practice test.