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Are you looking for a PA DMV practice test that you can use to prepare for your PennDOT CDL permit test? If you’re quite new to the CDL application process it can be difficult to know where to start, let us make it easy for you – start here, with this Pennsylvania CDL practice test 2020. One of many CDL practice tests available for public use on this website, this PennDOT general knowledge practice test does exactly what its name suggests. This practice permit test can get your ready for your PennDOT CDL learners permit test, whether you are applying for your Class A, Class B or Class C DMV permit.

Suitable for use state-wide, whether you live in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh or Lancaster, you can trust that this PA general knowledge practice test uses only the most relevant information. Using a vast database of genuine past PennDOT CDL permit test questions, our team of PA DMV practice permit test experts have designed this bite-size CDL exam with information that can be found in the DMV handbook and the real PennDOT CDL general knowledge permit test. When it comes to CDL general knowledge questions and answers 2020, you won’t find a drivers permit practice test more authentic than this, anywhere online.

Well, you know you’ve found a PA CDL general knowledge practice test which is based on the real PennDOT exam – great! But is the DMV practice permit test suitable for your chosen class of commercial drivers license? The last thing you want is to accidentally start studying the wrong material! Rest assured, as we mentioned above this 2020 CDL practice test can actually be used as a Class C, Class B and Class A general knowledge practice test for Pennsylvania because there is no difference whatsoever between the PA CDL general knowledge tests across the three classes of license!

How can this be when operating different classes of vehicle requires different expertise? This is an understandable question to ask and is the reason why most CDL learner drivers get so confused about which DMV CDL practice test PA quiz they should use. The PennDOT CDL general knowledge test is identical for all classes, but there are many smaller endorsement tests which focus on other aspects of specific vehicle and equipment operations. Most of these are optional extras – for instance you may choose to take the Passenger endorsement exam and its associated PA DMV CDL practice test if you were hoping to drive a taxi or a school bus. However, for Class B and Class A drivers permits there are certain mandatory endorsement tests which you must take in addition to your DMV general knowledge test. We’ll talk about these exams and their relevant CDL practice tests for Pennsylvania in another article. For now, be comfortable in the knowledge that you’re in the right place. You will have to pass your PennDOT general knowledge test 2020 first, and you can use this CDL practice test Pennsylvania quiz to get you started!

While this PennDOT permit practice test uses real-life questions, it is not the same length as the real DMV CDL permit test. Our CDL general knowledge DMV practice test 2020 for Pennsylvania uses only 20 questions where they actual exam includes 50. We’ve done this deliberately in order to make the PennDOT learners permit practice test easy to swallow when you’re starting out. Students don’t have to set aside hours of time to complete the DMV permit practice test. Instead, this CDL permit test practice should only take a few minutes of your time. When you’re ready for a longer test, try one of our other free CDL practice tests like the PA CDL general knowledge cheat sheet!