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Are you having trouble recalling all the road signs detailed on the ND DOT road signs chart? We’re not surprised! There is a great deal of information to memorize there in preparation for the DMV permit test and unless you can recognize common patterns and themes in the road signs discussed, getting yourself up-to-speed is no easy task! With this in mind, we have developed a road sign-specific North Dakota DOT practice test for 2020 applicants to help you work through the material faster and retain it for longer. Spend a little time each day working on this learners permit practice test ND signs quiz and your highway sign knowledge will soon be beyond reproach. This is one of three North Dakota DMV practice tests we provide that focus exclusively on road signs. If you are particularly concerned about this aspect of your theory knowledge, we recommend working through them all in turn until you are satisfied with your performance.

Keep in mind that the ND sign test is not administered as a solitary assessment, but as part of the total 2020 DOT written test alongside rules of the road and vehicle control issues. Most of the drivers permit practice test quizzes we have built also combine rules of the road and highway signs for this reason. As these mixed-question tests accurately reflect the make-up of the real DMV permit test, you will need to dedicate a large portion of your study time to working with them prior to the exam. Despite this, focused road sign and road marking study is still an essential part of any successful study plan and one that far too many learners overlook. We know that roughly two thirds of the 25-question permit test for ND students will deal with rules of the road, while the road sign test accounts for the other third. There may only be seven to ten questions on your exam paper that address signs and markings but remember, you are only allowed five incorrect answers in total to achieve a permit. Our North Dakota permit practice test road signs quiz can help to ensure that your signs and markings knowledge will not let you down on the day.

The other factor most learner drivers fail to consider is the DOT database which supplies their exam. Your permit test paper is not pre-determined, but randomly assembled on the day of your assessment from a large knowledge base featuring many hundreds of possible road rule and road sign questions. The ND road signs test accounts for a third of your theory exam but there are dozens of road sign questions which could be chosen to fill any one of those seven to ten spots. Using a practice road signs test for North Dakota drivers in addition to a standard mixed-question DMV test practice quiz is the best way to make sure you are ready for any highway sign question you come up against. As accurate as our combination road rule and road sign quizzes may be, they do not come anywhere close to addressing everything in the road signs portion of the study material.

Feedback is available to participating students throughout this road signs practice test whenever a question is answered incorrectly. It will be presented in a short but useful comment beside the remaining correct answer as and when you make a mistake. If you find determining the subtle differences between common road signs a challenge, the hints and tips offered by our ND DOT permit practice test will be particularly beneficial to you.