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Are you itching to get your hands on a learner’s permit so you can finally get behind the wheel? Before you rush off to your local DOT test center in Bismarck, Fargo or whichever other city is closest to you, take a few moments to consider whether you are truly ready for the challenge. Our North Dakota DMV practice test for 2020 applicants can help you in this department! To give students a way to avoid first-time failure at the DOT exam center, our team have created this challenging and ultra-realistic ND permit test cheat sheet. If any DMV permit practice test is authentic enough to tell you whether you are ready for the real permit test, it will be our very own DOT cheat sheet.

Any student who fails to answer at least 20 out of 25 permit test questions correctly when sitting the ND driving test will lose the booking fees they paid to take the exam and may even be forced to wait for a re-sit. We understand that you’re keen to start driving under supervision but making any rash decisions at this crucial stage in your driver’s ed program could ultimately draw out the process for much longer. Besides, it costs nothing and takes very little time to find out if you really have what it takes. When you are done reading this introductory material, answer the first question on this page and let our North Dakota drivers license practice test predict what score you will likely achieve during the real permit test.

Our ND drivers license written test cheat sheet is designed to mirror the structure and content of the real-assessment, so an easy pass here should equate to an easy pass at the DMV test office – providing you use the cheat sheet several times. Try not to be too disheartened if you think you are ready for the driving test in North Dakota, but you fail to earn a pass on the DOT practice test 2020 cheat sheet. No matter how disappointed you may be to find out you are not yet ready for the permit test, you should think of yourself as having dodged a bullet. If it were not for our DMV written test cheat sheet, you would have found out too late that your road sign and road rule knowledge is not up-to-scratch. As things stand, you have found out where your weaknesses are - and you have a chance to fix them! Why not visit our other North Dakota DOT practice tests to start revising if this happens? Our ordinary free DMV cheat sheet which contains bonus support materials not present on this test would be the best place to begin.

We recommend holding off on the real drivers test until you can answer at least 20 ND DOT test questions on this cheat sheet correctly, five or six times in immediate succession. As the written test questions and answers on the North Dakota DMV cheat sheet for 2020 applicants will be different each time you use it, completing the test multiple-times will make sure you have been exposed to a wide-enough variety of questions. As mentioned above, this North Dakota DOT practice permit test does not contain support features as it is designed to be challenging. Remember that your results will only be representative of your true capabilities if you do not seek help from your permit test study guide or any other sources while working on the DMV written practice test.