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You do not have to wait until you visit your local exam center in Fargo, Bismarck, Minot or Grand Forks to find out if your driver’s ed program has paid off. Instead, protect your chances of passing the assessment first-time by gauging your road rule and road sign knowledge throughout every step of your learning journey, with the ND DOT practice tests we provide. The ideal quiz to get your started begins right here on this page and can be activated immediately, at no cost whatsoever, simply by answering the first question. Fortunately, every North Dakota DMV practice test for 2020 applicants built by our team is published here for free, unlimited use. Feel free to check them out when you have taken a shot at passing this test!

We created a complete range of DOT test practice quizzes to make sure you have access to a great enough variety of permit test questions to target every sub-topic in the study material. There are subtle differences in the design of our tests, to make sure you have something to support you through every stage of your study plan. Five of our quizzes – including the one which begins here – are designed for less confident learners or people who are totally new to the study material. They also make a great solution for extremely busy learner drivers who would struggle to find the time to work on a more immersive DMV permit practice test ND quiz. Featuring 20 questions, these quizzes are a little shorter than the real DOT North Dakota driving test, though this does not mean they will be easier to pass. Students are required to answer 16 out of 20 questions correctly on this quiz, and 19 out of 25 questions correctly on the DMV permit test. In both cases, this equates to an 80 percent minimum passing grade.

It will be important later in your study plan to work on a full-length 25-question ND DOT practice permit test, as any insight you can gain into what the real assessment will be like will give you an advantage at the test center. There are two DMV cheat sheets here on ePermitTest.com which can help you in this regard when the time comes; one of them contains learner support features and the other – which should be your last stop before the permit test – is designed to be every bit as difficult as the actual exam. At this point it is also worth mentioning our dedicated road signs and marking DOT written test practice quizzes, as they may come in handy if your road sign knowledge is weak. The real DMV permit test in North Dakota combines rules of the road and road signs on a solitary exam paper; most of the learning resources on our website follow suit for the sake of realism. We built some road-sign specific drivers permit practice test ND quizzes because this aspect of the study material is often neglected, as students are aware that road signs will only account for roughly a third of the question on the test. It pays to keep in mind that any question could be randomly drawn from the DOT database to appear on your DMV written test, so success is only guaranteed when you are ready for anything.

While working on this DOT North Dakota practice test you can use the progress counter by the side of each question to keep an eye on your score taking shape. Why not check out the top-scoring students from around the state on our leaderboard when you’re done? Keep working on our quizzes regularly and your name could soon be in that list!