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Questions on traffic signals and traffic lights really come as a surprise to most first-time permit applicants.  While most of us know what's expected of us when we face a green or red traffic signal, not everyone knows how to treat a flashing red signal, what to do when the traffic light is broken and how to legally make a right or left turn on red.  We have created this Illinois traffic signals quiz to make sure you will not run into any surprises when you show up for your SOS exam.  All it takes is a little time and some dedication!

Our Illinois traffic signals practice test has 20 questions that are randomly chosen from our knowledge base every time you take the test. Questions are always randomized, it's really like taking a new quiz every time!  Fifteen correct answers is considered a pass, but we really would not stop at that, aim higher, much higher!  We recommend that you work on the sample exam until you get a score of at least 90% every time you take it, this will really show that you are ready for the real challenge at the DMV!

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