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We are proud to present you with the first free Illinois practice permit test on 2019 rules and signs, a permit practice test to kick start your study session and take you one step closer to obtaining that driver's permit you always wanted!  Twenty multiple choice questions for the Illinois permit test, based on the official 2019 rules of the road book! While these questions were designed primarily for those who don't have any prior experience with permit practice tests, you can still go over them regardless of your current level of preparation and move on to the next quiz if you find them too easy!

Why did we choose to include only easy questions in this beginner practice permit test for Illinois?  The answer is very simple - we believe in such thing as a learning curve and we don't want you to feel overwhelmed by numerous driving rules and regulations.  Sure, we could throw hundreds of Illinois driving test questions at you, but would it do any good?  Would it really teach you anything, would you be able to remember all those permit test questions if this was your first time of being exposed to this information?  Highly unlikely.  Beginning to study for the learner's permit test, taking this first step is hard as it is and we don't want to make it even harder, so we chose questions that can slowly ease you into the world of driving rules.  Don't worry, though, we've got hundreds of other drivers test questions for you and you can start working on them as soon as you feel comfortable with this practice permit exam!

There is one more thing we would like you to do before you plunge into this online Illinois practice permit test and that is to download a copy of the drivers license test booklet, if you have not done so yet.  We know that many students refrain from reading the rules of the road book, choosing in favor of practice permit tests and while we are thrilled to have you going through our practice quizzes, we want you to maximize your chances of passing the learner's permit test the first time you take it.  And yes, that means reading the manual.  Go over the book at least once before you start taking this free Illinois practice permit test and don't worry about remembering every single detail, you really don't have to.  While working on practice tests, keep the book nearby.  If you encounter a question you don't know the answer to (yes, it will happen at some point), open the manual and try to find the answer in the book.  This will really help you to remember the rules much faster, many studies show that this kind of research is a great exercise that helps to commit information to long-term memory.

Just like the real DMV permit test, this Illinois practice permit test 2019 consists of multiple choice questions.  Every question will provide you with four options, only one of them being correct.  The practice quiz is graded on the go and you see whether you answered a questions correctly as soon as you click on one of the provided options.  If you miss a question, the practice test will provide you with the right answer along with a detailed explanation of why this answer is correct.  Make sure you don't dismiss these explanations, they are an essential part of the learning experience and will help you to memorize the rules faster.  Once you've gone through all twenty questions, you will be redirected to a page with your results, where you can review all your answers once again. 

The practice permit test contains a few study aids you can use when you find yourself at a crossroads and not sure which answer is correct.  You can request for the system to show you a hint with more information about this question or you can simply remove two incorrect answers from the screen.  Play around with these options!

Many students ask what the passing score for this practice permit test is and how many questions do you need to answer to pass the Illinois permit test?  Well, you need to answer no less than 28 questions correctly on the real test (out of 35 total) and you need to score no less than 80% on this practice quiz.  However, we recommend that you don't stop working on this 2019 Illinois practice permit test until you score 90% or higher every time.  Having this safety cushion can make a lot of difference during the real DMV exam!

Enough talk, let's see some action!  Let us know how you found this free Illinois permit practice test 2019 and good luck at the DMV!