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When your driving license expires it is best to renew it as soon as possible, otherwise you may be required to sit another SOS written test for Illinois drivers. An additional exam is necessary to renew an Illinois drivers license which has been expired for one year or more. It is worth keeping in mind that certain high-risk groups may be asked to sit an Illinois drivers license renewal test regardless of the length of time for which their license has been expired, to make certain they can still operate a vehicle safely. To make it easier for seasoned drivers to renew an expired license, the team here at ePermitTest.com have created a free DMV renewal practice test for 2019 Illinois applicants. This quiz deals with rules of the road, road signs, driving laws, fines, penalties and vehicle control, just as your original DMV permit test in Illinois did. It is easy to forget key road rule and road sign information if you have been off the road for even a short-time. Though, thanks to this 2019 DMV practice test for Illinois drivers is every bit as easy to bring your knowledge back up-to-scratch!

We strongly recommend that all established drivers use this DMV permit practice test to refresh their knowledge intermittently, even if they do not need to sit an Illinois license renewal test to reinstate their license. Every few years, new editions of the driver’s ed program and study materials are released by the DMV, as adjustments are made to road rules, road signs and general driving laws. If you passed your original Illinois learners permit test several years ago, it is likely that your road rule and road sign knowledge is no longer completely up-to-date. The DMV test practice quizzes we provide here on ePermitTest.com are managed by our expert team and kept regularly updated, in accordance with the current version of the Illinois permit test study guide. You can trust our resources to be 100 percent up-to-date, accurate and strategically built to improve your driver’s theory knowledge as rapidly as possible.

Each round you complete on this Illinois DMV practice renewal test for 2019 applicants should take around five to seven minutes, as you will only be required to answer 20 permit test questions. We keep our driving license practice test convenient by restricting the number of questions on each round, while still ensuring that every aspect of the driver’s ed study material you may be asked about during the DMV renewal test 2019 exam has been covered. A single round will not address everything you need to know but each new round you complete will take you closer to that target, as the quiz is programmed to randomly generate a new 20-question test whenever you complete it. First time around you could be asked about expressway signs, lane usage rules and tailgating penalties, while your next attempt could cover an entirely different set of topics, such as stop and yield signs, DUI penalties and right of way. All you must do to ensure you are fully up-to-speed, is use the Illinois DMV practice test as many times as possible.

When you’re done with this DMV practice permit test for Illinois drivers, check out the state leaderboard to see how your final grade and time compares to those of other participants from Chicago, Peoria, Champaign and Rockford. Then you can re-take the quiz in pursuit of a better score!