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We don't believe you should be wasting your time on trying to find your way through a complex interface, you must be able to start learning things that matter for the permit test immediately after logging into the website and this is exactly why we have designed a practice permit test that has to distract you from your goal!  This online Illinois rules of the road practice test consists of 20 multiple choice questions on rules of the road and road signs.  All questions provide you with four possible answers, but only one of them is correct.  We know, some questions may make it seem as if more than one answer fits, but if you read them real careful, you'll see the difference.  It is quite common for real permit test questions to use the same approach to ensure that you are being attentive throughout the exam and that you really know your stuff!  For this reason, we always recommend that you don't rush through the written test and take your time to consider the answers before you submit them.  Trust us, more than a single student has failed the drivers permit test because they treated the exam as a race.  Don't worry about the time as you are working on this rules of the road practice test (and the real exam, for that matter), as you have all the time in the world, the practice test is not timed!

Those who have taken an Illinois rules of the road practice test or two on other websites might have encountered exams that make you finish the whole test before displaying your results. We believe this approach has little to no learning value, after all, people learn best when they receive constant feedback.  This is why our 2019 Illinois practice permit test will alert you to any mistake you may make immediately as it happens.  Don't worry about missing a sample permit test question or two - whenever this happens, the practice quiz will display the right answer for you and provide a detailed explanation for that answer so it sticks better.  Try not to skip these explanation (we know you'll be tempted to) and read through them as you go along, they really help you memorize answers much faster, so you won't have to keep on repeating the practice test over and over again. 

Once you're done with all of these rules of the road test questions, the online practice permit test will display your overall score and provide you with yet another chance to review the questions you have missed.  You can either repeat the quiz again or move on to the next one.  How do you know what option is right for you?  Just check your grades!  Those who have managed to score 90% or higher (that's 18 correct answers) can choose another learners permit practice test to play with!  Those who did not score quite as high yet may simply repeat the practice exam once again and watch their grades improve right in front of their eyes!

If you feel the need for some extra study materials, there is nothing we could recommend better than the official Illinois Rules of the Road book, also known as the drivers test study guide.  The entire permit test is based on that booklet and it helps greatly if you read it before you start working on this Illinois practice permit test.  Don't worry if you have not read the book yet - practice quizzes work on their own too, but if you want to maximize your chances of passing the real exam at the SOS, do go ahead and get yourself a copy of the manual!

Enjoy this free Illinois rules of the road practice test 2019 and don't forget to comment if you have any suggestions, we love hearing from you!