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If you came here to download a free Illinois DMV cheat sheet that promises that you will pass the drivers permit test the first time without ever opening a drivers manual, taking a single practice permit test or doing any studying at all - you are in a wrong place.  Don't fall for websites trying to sell you a magic recipe for passing the permit test without studying or will end up wasting time and money!  Our free Illinois drivers permit test cheat sheet is here to save you both - we will show you how to prepare for the DMV exam without spending a dime!

The best things in life are free - you might have heard this expression more than once.  It holds true when it comes to preparing for the Illinois DMV permit test, there are plenty of free tools available online and you don't have to purchase anything to learn the rules of the road.  Of course, there is still the drivers license application fee to pay at the SOS, no way around that, but study materials come free of charge!

Your first step is.... Well, you already made it, you found this free Illinois DMV cheat sheet!  Smart move!  Your second step, though, would be to download a copy of the DMV driver's manual and go over it at least once.  The real Illinois DMV permit test is based entirely on the information contained in the book and you will be hard-pressed to find a better DMV test study guide.  We know that the drivers manual is not the most excising book to read, but it's value should not be underestimated, make sure you at least skim through!

Done with the manual?  Time to put everything you've learned so far to the test!  This is where this online Illinois drivers license written test cheat sheet comes in!  You might have already noticed that this DMV cheat sheet is really an extensive Illinois DMV practice test.  A practice test that follows the same format the real DMV exam does and has hundreds of Illinois driving test questions and answers in the knowledge base.  Thirty five questions are chosen from this knowledge base randomly every time you take the quiz, so it will be just like taking a new practice permit test every time you load the page!  By the way, keep your hands clear of that refresh button, refreshing the page will effectively start a new exam for you and you will lose all of your current progress!

All right, we're done with with the boring details, let's get to the fun part, that is, cheating!  This is the main difference between the real permit test and our free Illinois DMV practice test cheat sheet - unlike the SOS, we don't frown upon cheating during the quiz, in fact, we encourage it!  There are two ways you can cheat while taking this practice permit test, either by using HINTs or the 50/50 option.  Hints are small additional snippets of information that provide more details about the question and point you in the right direction.  The 50/50 option is more blatant by far: clicking on the 50/50 button immediately hides two incorrect answers from the screen, leaving you to choose between the remaining two options.  It is our belief that you should always use hints first and resort to the 50/50 button only when you find yourself completely stuck.  However, that is just our opinion and you are free to use this Illinois DMV cheat sheet whichever way you like!

Done with this 2019 DMV practice test for Illinois?  Don't leave just yet, we have the final challenge for you!  Go ahead and test yourself with the help of our Illinois permit test Simulator, the ultimate practice permit test that follows the real DMV exam to the word!  No study aids, no help from us, no cheating!  Good luck!