Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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How many Illinois practice permit tests do you take before you go into the office and take the real exam?  As many as you can get your hands on!  We don't believe there is such a thing as being over-prepared for the DMV written test at the SOS and you should invest as much time as possible into studying the rules of the road and road signs.  Does this mean you are stuck in front of the computer for hours?  Not necessarily!  We know how valuable your time is and how hard it may be to fit a lengthy drivers permit study session into a busy schedule! This is why this rules of the road test consists of only 20 questions and takes less than 5 minutes to complete!  This low time commitment allows you to take the practice quiz anywhere, all you need is a computer or an iPhone that is connected to the Internet!  Riding a bus to school?  Go online and study a few sample permit test questions!  Lunch break?  Do a practice quiz once or twice!  Waiting at the SOS line?  Nothing works as good as last minute cramming!  Seriously, five minutes is all it takes to step a little bit closer to obtaining that drivers license!  It's free too!

There is one thing we strongly believe in and that is immediate feedback!  You learn faster when you see your mistakes and a way to correct them as they happen! This is why practice tests that make you wait until the end of the exam before showing you the results have such limited value.  Sure, you get to take the exam, yes, you can see your overall score and that gives you an idea of how well you would do on the real exam, especially if the practice test is using real Illinois permit test questions and answers and it's tailored to the 2019 exam, but would you learn much from the test like that?  Highly unlikely!  Our practice permit test provides you with immediate feedback as you go through the exam and shows you your mistakes as they happen!  On top of that, it always shows you the right answer and provides a detailed explanation for that answer, so you can memorize it and never make the same mistake twice!

Selecting a random option when you don't know the right answer to the question - another thing we don't believe in, another thing you don't have to do with our free Illinois practice permit test!  The practice test is a learning tool and there is not much learning involved when you are simply clicking on random answers.  With this practice quiz - you don't have to! Use our study aids and make educated choices each and every time!  Start with hints - small snippets of information that provide you with additional details on the question. They are not straight-forward, we'll give you that, but they were designed to make you think and help you get to the right answer, not be a dead giveaway!  When you cannot decide between two seemingly similar answers - use the 50/50 button!  The button will immediately mask two incorrect answers on the screen, leaving you with a much simplified choice!  Last but not least, you have the official Illinois drivers license study guide, the book that is published by the SOS, the book the entire knowledge test is based upon!  Download a copy of the Illinois rules of the road book or print it out and keep it by your side for reference. When you encounter a question you can't answer - just search the book for the corresponding rule (yes, it is there, just like answers to all Illinois permit test questions).  Use either of these study aids or two of them together but don't grow over-reliant on them - remember that the real Illinois drivers license written test is not an open-book exam and you won't be allowed to use any outside materials while taking it!

How do you know that you've learned everything there is from the exam, do you have to work until you can answer each and ever one of these sample questions?  In an ideal world - you would do exactly that.  However, it is totally fine if you stop working on this free Illinois practice permit test once you can answer at least 90% of the questions correctly without using any study aids (that's 18 correct answers).  Once you have hit this bar, simply move on to the next practice test in line!  Rinse and repeat!

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