Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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Not for sissies! The final challenge for those getting ready to hit a local SOS office in hopes of obtaining that drivers permit!  A free Illinois drivers permit test simulator with hundreds of permit test questions on rules of the road and road signs, all tailored to the 2019 DMV permit test!  No study aids, no drivers handbook, no time restrictions, no cheating - it is just you against the permit test simulator!  Show us what you are made of - answer no less than 32 questions correctly or forever be covered in shame!

All pathos and jokes aside, we are glad to present you with the 2019 Illinois permit test simulator, a great practice permit test designed to prepare you for the real DMV exam. Just like any other practice permit test on the website, the permit test simulator is loaded with great questions on road rules and road signs.  All questions are multiple choice, with four possible answers, just like the real thing!  What is different, though, is the number of questions we have prepared for you!  Today, the drivers permit test simulator contains over 500 DMV questions and we keep adding them on the constant basis!  This is a huge knowledge base and it allows you to learn virtually any rule the Illinois SOS can throw at you during the permit test.  Questions for the exam are selected randomly every time you begin taking the quiz, make sure to take it more than once even if you receive a good score the first time!

We were not joking when we said that you will not get any help from us for this learners permit test simulator.  The main goal of this online Illinois permit test practice quiz is to emulate the environment you will find yourself in when you will show up for the permit test at your local SOS office.  The driving permit test is not an open-book exam, you will not be able to search for answers in the drivers manual, you won't get any help from your buddies or the clerks at the office.  In fact, you won't have any help at all.  We want you to get used to that right now and this is why the Illinois permit test simulator does not show you any study aids.  If you believe that you are not ready for this yet and would like to receive help during the test, you can switch to one of the other great permit practice tests for Illinois that we have on the website.  The DMV cheat sheet could be a good choice, it follows the same format this practice quiz does, but is loaded with study aids to get you though every permit test question!

While there are many practice tests that claim to be better than the drivers handbook, we recommend that you go over the manual at least once before you start working on any DMV practice quizzes.  We believe that reading the permit booklet provides you with a great advantage when it comes to preparing for the drivers permit test.  In fact, you can do a little experiment yourself.  Take this 2019 Illinois permit practice test once and record your score.  Go over the drivers manual once.  Now take the practice quiz once again.  We can bet that your score has improved at least a little (in most cases, it will improve by a lot!). 

Remember that passing the drivers permit test is not that hard, all it takes is a little patience and consistency.  Study with the help of this free Illinois practice permit test simulator 10-15 minutes every day and you will get there in no time at all!  Good luck at the SOS!