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We know you love taking drivers practice tests and we love designing them for you!  And guess what?  A new Idaho drivers practice test 2020 is here, this time to teach you everything you need to know about traffic lights and traffic signals!  Green lights, yellow lights, railroad crossing signals and emergency vehicles - if it's on the real drivers license test, it's on this quiz too! Don't worry if you miss too many questions the first time, remember that practice makes perfect! Keep working on this Idaho drivers license practice test and you will see your grades soar!

We know that studying traffic lights and traffic signals is not a top priority for most students who are about to apply for an Idaho drivers license.  It's quite understandable, everyone sees himself as an expert on traffic lights and doesn't believe there is anything new for him to learn.  After all, traffic lights are just so simple!  Green means go, red means stop, yellow means caution - why waste time on studying this, the time you could use to learn "the important rules".  The truth is, most people seriously misjudge their competence in the field and fail to appreciate the level of questions they are about to encounter on their Idaho drivers test.  Did you honestly believe the DMV is going to ask you what must be done when you see the green light?  Get real!  What takes precedence - instructions from traffic police or the traffic light?  Can you make a right turn under the red signal?  What about a left turn under red signal?  Who has the right of way at an intersection when the traffic light is out of order?  Turning under a green arrow - do you always have the right-of-way over every other road user?  These are the kinds of Idaho drivers test questions you should expect, these are the kinds of questions you will see when you turn up at the DMV and these are the types of questions you should study for if your goal is to walk out of the DMV office with a drivers license on your first visit!

The structure of this free practice drivers test for Idaho is very similar to that of regular practice permit quizzes you might have already gone through.  Twenty questions, all questions are multiple choice, the test is graded as you go, you are always shown the right answer - all those things.  Want to know what's different?  Well, for starters, it's the type of questions you get.  Regular driver's practice quizzes will cover a wide range of topics, while the traffic signals practice test only covers one - traffic signals.  Another distinction lies in how these drivers test questions are chosen.  Regular practice exams will present you with the same set of questions every time, this practice driver's license test will keep on changing questions again and again.  Whenever you begin the practice quiz, the system randomly selects twenty questions on traffic lights and builds a custom quiz for you in the matter of seconds!  This means a completely unique driver's practice test each and every time!

Want even more study resources on traffic lights and traffic signals?  Easy!  Just pick up a copy of the Idaho drivers test study guide!  Pages 35-38 of the 2020 handbook is what you are interested in, they outline all traffic signals you need to learn for your drivers license test!  Of course, we recommend that you don't stop after reading those couple of pages and continue reading the handbook to cover all other driving rules.  Trust us, the time you invest into reading the drivers handbook and working on this 2020 practice test for Idaho drivers license will pay off with dividends later!

Dig into it and don't let go until you can score 90% or higher each and every time you take this free Idaho drivers practice test 2020!  Say hello to the DMV clerks from us when you will show up to pick up your license!