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Road signs is the most important subject on the 2020 Idaho written driving test.  At the same time, it is also the one that gets overlooked most frequently.  Traffic signs are easy to ignore - they are such a common part of our lives that we mislead ourselves into believing that we know everything there is to know about them and so we choose to invest our valuable time into studying things that seem to be more important, such as traffic fines or child seat belt laws.  The problem with this approach is that those subjects, while being truly important, contribute a relatively small number of questions to the DMV written test, while questions on road signs can take up to a third of the entire exam!  This means that 30% of the entire permit test grade will depend on how well you know traffic signs, a clear signal from the DMV on just how important they believe road signs to be!  Besides, considering how easy it is to learn traffic signs, why not use this opportunity to score some easy points on the exam? 

This free Idaho road signs practice driving test is the first quiz of the series, it features 20 essential questions on road signs that may come up on the real DMV exam.  All questions on the test are multiple choice, with four answers provided for every question and only one of them being correct.  Most of the questions will be supplemented with great images of road signs to help you learn to recognize the signs on sight, some of the questions will contain only a textual description of a sign.  Recognizing traffic signs from their description or based on their shape and color are just a few of the important skills you will be tested on when you show up at the DMV doorstep.

Just like any other online Idaho drivers license practice test on the website, the road signs practice quiz is graded on the fly and you are aware of your progress at all times.  Instant feedback is extremely important when you need to learn something fast and this practice quiz is the living embodiment of the principle.  If you happen to make a mistake (and by the way, don't beat yourself up over any mistakes you make here, they are a normal part of the learning process), the practice quiz will bring this mistake to the light immediately and show you the correct answer to the question, along with a detailed description of the corresponding road sign.  Make sure not to skimp on reading these explanations - they really help you anchor that answer and memorize it much faster!  Besides, reading them saves you time on research, so you don't have to look for this road sign in your drivers manual. 

Speaking of the drivers manual - if you are looking for some free Idaho road sign study sheets, the official drivers test study guide is the book for you!  Chapter 3 of the 2020 Idaho drivers handbook contains a list of all road signs for the permit test, along with their detailed descriptions and guess what? You can easily print these pages out, they make for perfect study sheets!  Download a pdf file with the book to your computer or iPhone, print all of the corresponding pages and post them on your wall!  You've just saved yourself $10-15 you can spend elsewhere, since this is exactly how much a driving school would charge you for a printable study sheet!

One final point to note before you dive deeper into the world of Idaho road signs.  While we usually recommend that you keep working on a practice test until you are able to answer 90% of all questions correctly, we would like you to change the approach and continue practicing until you can answer all 20 of these road sign questions correctly!  The reason for this is simple - it doesn't take long and it's a great way to score some easy points on the real exam! Spend another 5 minutes working on this free Idaho road signs practice driving test 2020 and maximize your chances of passing the real knowledge test!