Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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There are two types of students who would benefit from the drivers license test Simulator - those who are just setting off on the road towards their drivers license and those who have already gone through a few practice quizzes, read the book and now want to find out whether they have done enough.  The former will be able to set a reliable benchmark they can use to track their progress as they keep working on sample quizzes on the exam, while the latter will receive an answer to the question whether they are prepared to tackle the real DMV permit test.  Read on to find out how to get the most out of this free Idaho drivers practice test Simulator!

The DMV written test Simulator was designed to mimic the real knowledge test to the smallest detail.  It features 40 multiple choice questions (this is how many questions are on the drivers test in Idaho, in case you did not know) that cover the entire span of driving rules, traffic laws and road signs.  While the exam will only show you 40 questions every time, don't let this number fool you - the quiz is connected to a question bank of over 500 Idaho permit test questions and answers and it draws upon this pool to provide you with a new test each and every time!  Whenever you begin the exam, the system selects 40 new random questions from the knowledge base and builds a unique drivers license practice test right on the spot!  This helps to avoid any bias on the test, as you won't be tempted to choose easier questions over their more complex counterparts, and ensures that you get accurate, reliable results that really reflect your current ability.  If you want to increase accuracy of your results even further, take the online drivers practice test twice and use the average of two grades to determine your current level of proficiency!

A word about interpreting the results you'll get from this 2020 Idaho driving test Simulator.  You may know that in order to pass the real driver's license test, you must answer no less than 34 of the DMV permit test questions correctly, this amounts to the grade of 85%.  With this in mind, we recommend that you do not attempt the real knowledge test until you are able to score 90% or higher on the Simulator every time you take it!  This may seem like an overkill to you right now, but trust our experience, you really don't want to be shooting for the minimum passing score of 85%!  One extra mistake you make immediately throws you over the edge and you will have to spend more time on studying, traveling to the DMV, sitting in DMV lines...  Spend a few extra minutes on free practice tests, improve your grades and secure an easy pass on the real exam!

The following tip is self-evident, but we thought we'd mention it anyway.  Do not use any study aids while working on this Idaho drivers license test Simulator or you will not get reliable results for the test!  You may have already noticed that the exam does not have any integrated study aids you might have gotten used to while working on regular quizzes - this is not an oversight and was done on purpose!  You should also close the Idaho drivers test study guide if you have one lying around and cover up any study sheets you may have posted next to the screen!  If you cheat on the permit test Simulator, the only person who will end up losing is yourself!