Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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"Forget it, everyone know traffic signals, we don't need to waste any time on studying them for the 2020 MVA permit test!"  A phrase you hear oh too often from students getting ready to hit the DMV and take the learners permit test for the first time.  If you share the same belief and feel that you can save an extra 10 minutes by not learning the signals, then our Washington D.C. traffic signals practice permit test 2020 is for you!  Take the practice test at least once and if you can answer no less than 18 sample questions correctly the first time - move on to the next practice quiz in line!

We are exposed to the concept of traffic lights from a very early age. This leaves us with a misguided and dangerous belief that we know everything there is to know about a traffic light and investing effort into studying the appropriate chapter of the District of Columbia drivers permit test book is a complete waste of time.  I already know that red means STOP, green means GO and yellow requires me to be cautious, what else can the book teach me?  This misconception comes from the fact that we are used to using traffic lights as pedestrians and we don't usually go into the "complexity" of traffic signals designed to regulate traffic flow.  We fail to appreciate the fax that the learners permit test will require us to answer questions that involve traffic signals in the shape of arrows, their different colors and combinations, driving through intersections where traffic lights are not operational, driving through intersection where orders given by a traffic officer contradict those you receive from a traffic light.  You have to be well-versed in all of these subjects and this is why this free Washington DC permit practice test is such an important part of the study process you simply cannot miss!

Studying with the help of this MVA practice test is extremely simple.  You get 20 questions on traffic signals every time you begin the exam and you need to answer at least 18 of them correctly to pass.  All questions are multiple choice, with four possible answers.  Only one of the answers is correct, keep this in mind and don't try to pick two different options even if it looks like both of them may be right (a common issue with real District of Columbia permit test questions).  You will know if the answer you've given is incorrect immediately - the practice quiz will let you know that you are wrong and will highlight the right answer for you.  You may want to keep a copy of the drivers manual handy and research such questions with the help of the book, it will really broaden your horizons and you are bound to pick up a lot of additional useful info while searching for the answer.  Once done with the whole exam, you will receive another chance to review all of the questions you have missed.  You may want to write them down as you are unlikely to see the same set of questions next time you take the quiz, all questions are selected randomly from a large knowledge base, so you end up with a unique online permit practice test every time!

Once you are happy with your grade, move on to the next practice permit test for Washington DC we have prepared for you!  Don't forget to check out the DC road signs practice quiz!