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Are you looking for a realistic Washington DC driving test practice quiz that can give you a taste of what the real permit test will be like? You are in luck! We offer a multitude of different, high-quality DMV test practice quizzes here on ePermitTest.com, all of which are free to use and can be accessed as often as you need prior to the theory exam. Just like the DMV permit test in DC, every quiz on our website contains 20 real permit test questions. Answering the multiple-choice question displayed on this page will activate one of our fixed-question road rule and road sign quizzes, which is designed to mimic the set up of the real exam with just a few added support features. Work your way through this District of Columbia drivers license practice test to find out how much you have learned from the study material and get your first sneak peak at real exam conditions.

Driving students in Washington DC are quite fortunate compared to learners in many other states, as they are only required to answer 15 out of the 20 questions on the test correctly to be awarded a permit. This is a passing threshold of just 75 percent. Our fixed-question DC driving practice test is slightly more challenging with a passing threshold of 80 percent, so performing well here is a good indication that you will be able to do so during the actual DVM written test. Elsewhere on ePermitTest.com you will find two 20-question DMV cheat sheets with the same pass requirement as the real permit test which can be used when you want a 100 percent authentic DMV practice permit test experience.

It is important to remember that despite the driving test in Washington DC being relatively short and easy to pass, students will need to thoroughly acquaint themselves with every road rule and road sign in the permit test study guide. Every learner driver must be able to interpret any road sign they encounter and operate within the state’s road laws, before they can get behind the wheel with a licensed adult. For this reason, the DMV database contains hundreds of questions targeting every aspect of the study material from which 20 questions are chosen at random when you sit the permit test. Our 2019 DMV practice test for DC drivers is authentic but it cannot address all the knowledge you may need to recall at the DMV test office. We recommend using every quiz on our website alongside the permit book while preparing for the exam, to make sure you have gained experience with the greatest possible variety of Washington DC drivers license test questions.

The DC driving test questions and answers on this DMV permit practice test deal with both road rules and road signs, in accordance with the make-up of the real exam. We do offer three other quizzes which only contain road sign and road marking questions, which you should use intermittently to make sure your understanding of this material is up-to-scratch. All our fixed-question Washington DC practice driving test quizzes will offer support when a participating learner answers a question incorrectly. By highlighting which of the remaining multiple-choice answers is correct and presenting a little extra information about the topic, our test will help to patch up gaps in your knowledge and improve on your final grade. Are you ready to take your first shot at answering some questions? Let’s begin!