Pass the Washington DC DMV written test first time around, with support from our sophisticated learning tools and study resources. Every new driver must pass the written permit test to qualify for an instructional permit, which enables them to start learning behind the wheel. The exam covers rules of the road, pavement markings, road signs and often includes a few questions on alcohol awareness. Though it is relatively brief, the DC permit test should not be underestimated. Stick with our learning tools and you can make sure you are 100% ready to earn that permit, when the District of Columbia DMV test comes around.

Many students struggle to get their permit test preparation underway in good time, as it is difficult to decide which material you should learn first. In the interest of clarity, it is often best to deal with rules of the road and road signs separately. The latter subject covers regulatory signs, warning signs, guide signs, work zone signs, pavement markings and traffic signals. If you would like to begin your learning journey by brushing up on your road sign knowledge, visit our road signs home page now. Here, you will find a complete list of the signs and markings that may be addressed during the permit test and a dedicated road signs DMV practice test for DC students, to help you apply what you have learned. Note that whether you choose to start with the study of road signs or rules of the road, you will need a current copy of the DMV permit book on hand. Get your digital version free here on, or directly from the Department of Motor Vehicles website.

Rules of the road is a particularly broad topic. It covers general rules, guidelines and laws relating to driving and roadway conduct. In preparation for this aspect of the Washington DC permit test, you must study parking rules, right-of-way, using intersections, seat belt laws, passenger laws, expressway use and prima facie speed limits – plus various other sub-topics. Perhaps the easiest and most effective way to do this, is to work your way through the “Rules of the Road” module of our free driver’s education course for DC students.

While you are studying rules of the road and road signs for the permit test, you should make time to work on our free DMV practice tests at regular intervals. Most students prefer to use these quizzes at the end of each study session, while the information they have been reading is still fresh in their minds. The team have created several different mixed-question DMV Washington DC practice test quizzes which target rules of the road and road signs together, to show you what the make-up of the real permit test will be like. We also offer a pavement marking and road signs DMV practice test, as mentioned above. Working on these DMV practice permit test quizzes regularly is the key to success during the real DMV written test, as it will help you to expose and remedy gaps in your knowledge before the exam.

When you have passed the 20-question DC permit test with a score of 15 correct permit test answers or more, you can start practicing your driving skills and essential maneuvers with supervision from a licensed adult. Use our driver’s education course to find out how to deal with hazardous situations, drive during the night, manage emergencies, execute basic maneuvers and scan the roadway effectively. These are the skills you will be assessed on during the final road skills Washington DC DMV test.

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