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If questions on road signs and markings are what you really need to progress your knowledge in preparation for the DMV permit test in Washington DC, you will find what you’re looking for right here on this page. This is our District of Columbia permit practice test road signs quiz, which contains nothing but road sign and road marking questions. To stand a chance of passing the permit test, every aspect of your theory knowledge needs to be beyond reproach. Earning a passing grade on one of our mixed-question road sign and road rule DC DMV practice tests is a great sign, though it does not provide an accurate measure of your overall road sign knowledge. Like the real DMV written test, our combination quiz contains 20 questions, a small percentage of which are dedicated to road signs and road markings. While the road sign test questions included on our regular tests are accurate, they are not sufficient in number to cover everything on the Washington DC DMV road signs chart. We created our road signs practice test to make sure you are completely up-to-speed with road signs and markings before attempting the learner driver’s exam.

This 2019 DMV practice test DC quiz features a selection of questions covering every major road sign type, including exclusionary signs, stop and yield signs, expressway signs, lane usage signs and all others discussed in the permit book. In line with the real Washington DC road signs test, our questions include high-quality photographs and diagrams and are all multiple-choice or “true or false”. As will be the case during the real assessment, students will either be asked to choose from several possible road sign images to match a given meaning, or several possible meanings for a given road sign. Answering a question on the DMV practice permit test incorrectly will prompt the quiz to show you which remaining option you should have chosen, alongside a comment to clarify the reasoning behind it. The same questions will come up the next time you activate the fixed-question street signs test, providing ample opportunity to apply the feedback you were given.

No fixed-question learners permit practice test DC signs quiz can cover everything in the road signs chart without being an unmanageable length, which is why our team have also created a rotating question cheat sheet for road signs and markings. Working on that test will be your next task when you have successfully completed this 20-question quiz and our second fixed-question Washington DC traffic signs test. The cheat sheet should be completed as many times as possible prior to the permit test, as it will generate a different 20-question quiz on each occasion. That advanced learning tool will help you make sure that every road sign category has been covered.

This practice road signs test for DC drivers costs nothing to use and is of unrivalled quality. Every question we present you with will be accompanied by a clear image and has been checked for on-going relevance against information in the current permit test study guide. Many other websites which offer resources similar to our own fail to up-date their material regularly as new versions of the permit book are released, or simply present poorly researched permit test questions that do not accurate reflect the requirements of the real exam. Your ultimate success is important to us, which is why every Washington DC DMV practice test for 2019 applicants we provide is guaranteed to be 100 percent accurate!