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Don't believe you need to study road signs for your MVA permit test?  Wrong!  There a common misconception that permit test questions on road signs are all common sense and thus, you don't need to "waste" any time studying these traffic signs, your time will be better spent elsewhere.  This dangerous delusion results in people failing the drivers permit test miserably!  Don't make the same mistake, learning road signs is essential for passing the drivers permit test and our free District of Columbia road signs practice permit test 2020 is here to help you prepare for the challenge in a blink of an eye!

We all know the basics, there is no denying that.  We know what the stop sign means, what needs to be done when you see a yield sign and that you need to watch out for kids while driving through a school zone.  We pick these things up while riding as passengers or using the road as pedestrians and we get the notion that this is what we will be tested on when we show up for the real Washington D.C. permit test at the DMV.  This could not be further from the truth.  Sure, there are MVA permit test questions that do cover the stop sign, but there are many others that require you to possess a more intimate knowledge of traffic signs.  A good example is identifying road signs by shape and color, one of the essential skills for safe driving and the learners permit test usually includes at least one question on the subject. Can you tell an advanced warning sign from a guide sign just by glimpsing its shape? Do you know the shape of a road sign that is placed on slow moving vehicles?  Vehicles carrying a hazardous load?  These are the kind of permit test questions you will see at your local DMV office and these are the questions covered by our free District of Columbia road signs practice permit test!  Don't ignore road sign, spend ten minutes on taking the practice quiz and enjoy an easy pass on the test!

Those who have already gone through a few practice permit tests on the website don't need much explaining on how this Washington DC permit practice test really works, but let us give a quick overview for everyone else.  The road signs practice quiz consists of 20 multiple choice questions that cover exclusively road signs and nothing but road signs.  Don't let the number fool you, though - these questions are selected randomly from a large knowledge base that contains approximately 100 sample questions on traffic signs.  Most questions are supplemented with great images to help you learn how these road signs really look, however you should keep in mind that some real learners permit test questions on road signs come without any accompanying image, the DMV expects you to recognize a sign from its description.  Quite a useless skill, if you ask our opinion, but we went ahead and included those sample questions into the practice permit test too so you can be sure you are studying the right stuff!

How do you know that you've had enough and that you are ready for the real thing?  Just like with any other permit practice test for District of Columbia you can find on the website, we recommend that you don't stop working on the road signs practice test until you score 90% or higher every time you take the quiz.  We know it seems a little high, but trust us, it does not take that long to reach this grade and you will be grateful for this safety cushion when you are taking the real MVA permit test at your local office!

If you need a place to study road signs before you take this Washington D.C. drivers permit practice test, make sure to check out the section with road signs on our website!  It contains a comprehensive list of road signs that may come up during the learners permit test and detailed descriptions for all of them!  Want even more information on District of Columbia traffic signs?  Download a copy of the drivers handbook!  The real test is based on this very same manual and you are bound to learn many great things while reading it!