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Now, if you are thinking that a DC practice permit test with hundreds of sample permit test questions is a good way to start preparing for the real District of Columbia permit test - think again. One can argue that the more questions you do, the better you get.  It is true, but do you start your runner training by trying to run a marathon? Do you learn how to swim by being dropped off a boat 10 miles away from the coast?  You don't, you always start small and that is exactly what we have prepared for you - an easy warm up Washington D.C. practice permit test 2020!

There is a very simple reason why you don't start your drivers training with a marathon MVA practice test that contains over a hundred DMV questions - a massive undertaking like that is likely to leave you feeling completely overwhelmed and underpowered.  In fact, some students are so traumatized by the experience that they are discouraged from taking the learners permit test for a long time after completing this "helpful" practice quiz.  It's a simple psychological fact, your mind shies away from tasks that are too hard for you to handle.  However, any massive task can be simplified and broken down into smaller, manageable pieces.  We believe the same approach can be applied to the job you have ahead of you - preparing for the District of Columbia learners permit test and we are here to make your first step easier!

This free Washington DC practice permit test contains 20 sample permit test questions on road rules and road signs.   All questions are multiple choice, every question has four possible answers.  Only one of the provided answers is correct, keep this in mind while working on the quiz and if you find that more than one answer seems to be right, choose the one that fits best (don't try to select two answers at once, the system will not allow you to do that and will remember the first answer you click upon as your choice).  We believe in immediate feedback and that is exactly what this online MVA practice test delivers - instantaneous grading and response!  As soon as you pick an answer, the practice quiz will show you whether you made the right choice and should you misstep and answer the questions incorrectly, the right answer will be highlighted for you!  But that's not all!  Our 2020 practice permit test will provide you with a detailed explanation for every question you happen to miss!  Make sure you read this commentary, it is based on the official 2020 District of Columbia drivers handbook and it will save you tonnes of time!

To make things even easier on you, we have infused this 2020 Washington DC DMV practice test with study aids that can help you answer difficult questions!  Whenever you hit a question you can't answer, don't rush with choosing a random option!  Click on the hint button and read additional information about the topic!  Now, we understand that some of these hints are not as straight-forward as you would like them to be - they were designed to be this way!  Hints are not meant to give the right answer to our sample permit test question away, they are tiny triggers designed to nudge you in the right direction! 

Reading the hint didn't help?  Hold it there, you still didn't exhaust all of your options!  The 50/50 button is another friend of yours that can come to your rescue whenever the learners permit practice test leaves you puzzled.  Clicking on the button will hide two incorrect answers from the screen, leaving you with a simple 50/50 choice to make!  You have a 50% chance to pick the right answer even if you have no idea what it is!  Hopefully, you will not have to use this option too frequently, but remember that it is there for you!

Don't stop once you complete all sample questions on your first free Washington DC practice permit test 2020, we have plenty of other practice quizzes waiting for you!  Good luck at the DMV!