Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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Here if your final challenge - a free District of Columbia practice permit test Simulator with hundreds of sample questions for the 2019 MVA permit test!  Road signs, traffic law, seat belt regulations, parking, speeding, signalling and sharing the road with others - the practice test has everything you need! And don't expect any help from us, this is just like the real thing! Time to closet that drivers manual and see what you are really made of! We have disabled all study aids for this one, the 2019 practice permit test simulator is waiting for your first move! 

This free Washington D.C. practice permit test is simple as pie and if you have taken at least one practice quiz at ePermitTest.com, you don't need much explaining on how the exam works.  However, let us cover our bases real quick, just in case we missed something.  Every single MVA practice test on the website consists of multiple choice questions and the Simulator is no stranger to the trend.  Twenty multiple choice questions on road rules and road signs, this is exactly what you get when you take the test.  The grading system is just like the one at your local DMV office - you need to answer no less than 15 questions correctly to pass the exam.  Yes, we know, it is a surprisingly low score when you compare it against other states (for example, if you were to take the Maryland MVA permit test, you would be required to answer at least 17 questions out of the 20 provided, that's a staggering 10% difference) and we recommend that you aim much higher while practicing.  90% every time is your target!

Immediate feedback - we cannot overstate the importance of the test being graded on the go. Having to wait until the end of the exam to find out what questions you have missed provides little, if any, value.  Sure, you get your overall score and you get a list of all sample permit test questions you have missed so you can review them, but this kind of delayed response does not allow you to anchor the question into your memory that well.  Our Washington D.C. practice permit test simulator will have none of that!  Made a mistake?  We will draw your attention to the fact immediately and we will display the correct answer alongside so you can learn on the go and never make the same mistake twice!

Now, you might have gotten used to being able to call upon study aids while taking other permit practice tests on the site.  Well, you better forget about them, the Simulator will have none of that!  The real District of Columbia permit test is not an open book exam and the DMV clerk will not allow you to search the drivers manual for answers, why would you want to do it now?  This is the real thing, just you against the Washington DC practice permit test simulator 2019!  If you prefer a practice permit test that follows the same format, yet allows you to use study aids, just switch to the DMV permit test cheat sheet!