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Want to know what the procedure is for passing the Connecticut Class A test for your commercial driving learners permit? We can answer that question and set you up with some fantastic Class A drivers license practice tests to help you get through the exam! Class A is the most advanced type of commercial driving license; becoming a fully-qualified Class A driver would allow you to seek employment driving some of the largest and heaviest commercial vehicles out there, such as liquid-transportation tank trucks and livestock carriers. As the vehicles within this class are considered more challenging to drive that the smaller vehicles in Class C and Class B, passing your Class A permit test in Connecticut will also qualify you to drive any vehicles from the lower two classes. Of course, to drive a commercial vehicle of any class legally, you would need to make sure you also held any endorsements that were necessary for that vehicle or driving situation, but we’ll come back to this shortly.

The first and most important CT DMV written test for 2020 you’ll have to take is the CDL general knowledge DMV permit test. This focuses on aspects of commercial driving which are relevant to every vehicle and situation, such as basic vehicle control, seeing and communicating, road signs and vehicle inspection. As the material is the same whether you’re driving a taxi or a flat-bed truck, the general knowledge CT DMV test is identical for every driving student. It features 50, multiple-choice and “true or false” DMV test questions, the answers to which can be found in the current Connecticut DMV handbook. You’ll need to get a copy of this manual and study it thoroughly to pass the DMV CT permit test, though you won’t have to rely on it exclusively – this Class A CDL practice test can help!

Endorsements are a smaller and more specified type of DMV test in Connecticut; you would tackle the endorsements after the general knowledge exam, only taking which of them you need for your chosen driving career. For instance, it wouldn’t be necessary to obtain a Tank endorsement for liquid transportation, if you only wanted to drive a school bus! There are not any DMV test questions relating to the endorsement qualifications on this Connecticut CDL general knowledge practice test, though there are other free CDL practice tests on the website which specifically target these exams. Aspiring commercial drivers have several different endorsements to choose from, including Tank, School Bus, Passenger, HazMat, Air Brake and Combination vehicle. It’s worth noting that Air Brake and Combination Vehicle are both compulsory at Class A, so you would need to take these two at least, on top of the CDL general knowledge test.

This Class A license CT practice test can also be used by aspiring Class C and Class B drivers, as the general knowledge exam is the same for everybody! Our versatile little quiz uses just 20 multiple-choice questions; though they are totally realistic, having been adapted from real-life exam papers and the current DMV booklet. We’ve shortened this 2020 DMV CDL practice test for Connecticut so that you don’t have to worry about finding loads of time to complete it. You’ll be pleased to know it should take under five minutes of your time!

We recommend using this 2020 DMV practice test for Connecticut several times until you can comfortably score over the 80 percent cut-off for a pass every time. You might just be surprised how quickly you can hit that score!