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If it's traffic signals you want - it's traffic signals you get!  This 2019 Colorado traffic signals practice quiz is stuffed with permit test questions about intersections, right-of-way rules and traffic signals.  We've even thrown in some sample questions on hand signals for the driving test, just in case!  Keep in mind - you only need this practice test if you want to study questions on traffic signals, if you are looking for a complete overview of driving rules, take the online permit test mock up we also have available!

Our free Colorado traffic signals quiz has 20 questions, so you can take the test very quickly.  All questions on the test are multiple choice and will provide you with immediate feedback - as soon as you pick an answer, you will see whether you are right or wrong!  This gives you a great opportunity to study as you go through the practice test, you don't have to finish the whole test to see your results!

All questions on our CO traffic signals practice permit test are state-specific, we have researched the drivers manual to make sure you are studying the rules that will be on the permit test.  Each and every question has been verified against the handbook and it does not matter what city you currently live in - Littleton, Westminster, Aurora, Colorado Springs or Denver - the practice test will work for you!

Here comes the final surprise - this Colorado traffic signal practice test is completely free! That's right, a free permit practice test that can be taken as many times as you wish until you are ready to nail that permit test!