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No, we are not going to betray you by providing you with a printable Colorado DMV permit test cheat sheet you can download to your cell phone to take it to your local DMV office and copy all answers off it.  Doing so would be setting you up to fail the permit test and possibly being banned from the DMV office for a long, long time.  Our goal is to teach you how you can pass the drivers permit test the first time you take it, without wasting countless hours of your time on learning things that don't matter on the real permit test.  If you are up for it, get started on this free Colorado DMV cheat sheet 2019!

The amount of time wasted by oh so many people on trying to cheat the DMV is unimaginable. We know of students who spent hours looking for the best Colorado permit test cheat sheet out there, paying money to purchase them and then spend even more time trying to figure out a way to slip these cheat sheets past the clerks at the DMV.  Was it worth it?  In most cases, not even close.  Some people ended up failing the drivers permit test because the DMV cheat sheet did not have any of the questions they got on the real learners permit test, others could not find a moment to use the cheat sheet since the clerks were standing over their shoulder, some got caught and banned from the office.  If even a small portion of time spent trying to cheat the system was invested towards learning road rules and road signs and preparing for the Colorado DMV permit test, they would have passed with flying colors!  That is why our online DMV cheat sheet is not a cheating tool, it's a learning tool that will help you learn everything you need to know to nail the DMV exam on your first visit!

You may have already noticed that this DMV cheat sheet is really a Colorado DMV permit practice test.  That is true, but here is one thing you have probably missed - this is not just any practice permit test!  This online DMV practice quiz is tailored to the real permit test and will prepare you for the real-world experience!  Based on the official 2019 Colorado drivers handbook, the same book the real permit test is based upon! Twenty five multiple choice questions that cover road rules and road signs every time.  Immediate scoring - no need to finish the whole exam to find out where you went wrong!  Unlimited chances to pass the test - the DMV practice quiz is free, the only thing it cost is a little bit of your time and there is nothing that prevents you from taking the drivers permit practice test over and over again until you are happy with your score!

Here is another surprise for you: while this free Colorado DMV practice test displays 25 questions every time you take it, these questions will be different every time you take the exam!  Sample questions are selected randomly from the large knowledge base of 500+ questions.  This leaves you with a unique learners permit practice test every time!  You will never grow bored of the exam!

By now, you are probably wondering what is the difference between this 2019 Colorado DMV permit test cheat sheet and the permit test simulator we have online.  After all, they are very similar, they draw random written test questions from the same knowledge base, they follow the same format the real test does, what sets them apart?  The answer is simple - it's the study aids you can use while working on the Colorado DMV cheat sheet.   When you are stuck on a particularly hard question and you don't know the answer, there's no need to hit a random option and hope for the best.  Our study aids, or cheats, as we call them, will help you steer clear of any road block with a press of a button!

Enjoy our Colorado DMV permit test cheat sheet 2019 and make sure to check out all other practice permit tests on the website before you hit the office!