Quick note: This test is timed! You have N MINUTES to complete the test! All unanswered questions will be marked as incorrect. Good luck and godspeed!

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Done with the first practice permit test and need more sample questions to study?  We've got you covered!  A new Colorado permit practice test 2019 is here!  Another twenty free permit test questions on parking, signalling, communicating with other drivers, sharing the road with motorcyclists, bicyclists and school buses, DUI offenses and seat belt laws.  Yes, we do have images of road signs too!  Take the second step towards your drivers permit, complete this free Colorado permit practice test now!

Those who have already completed at least one practice permit test on the website know how everything works, but let us give everyone else a quick overview of this sample written exam.  The practice test features 20 multiple choice questions on road rules and road signs.  While the order of questions will change every time you take the quiz, the questions themselves will remain essentially the same.  Use this feature wisely, take the practice exam at least a few times and learn answers to all of the sample questions.

Every sample question on this permit practice test has four possible answers, only one of them being correct.  The test is interactive, it is graded on the fly and you find out whether you answered a question correctly as soon as you pick one of the available options.  Didn't answer a question correctly?  Don't worry!  We will show you the right answer, along with a detailed note from a Colorado drivers handbook, explaining why this particular answer is correct.   Reading these explanations is highly recommended, even if you went a bit too easy on the manual, they will help you learn the right answers much faster.  Once done with the whole exam, you will see your overall score, along with a list of DMV questions you have missed so you can review them.  What score is considered a pass on this permit practice test?  Well, we don't really want to set any limits for you, but let's have a look at the real DMV exam.  The real Colorado permit test at the DMV requires you to answer 20 questions our of 25 correctly, this amounts to the 80% grade.  Should you aim for 80% on the permit practice test quiz?  Maybe.  However, if you want to leave yourself a safety cushion, some space to maneuver, we would recommend that you get your score as high as 90% before moving on to the next drivers permit practice test in line. This way, failing an extra question on your Colorado learners permit test won't be that big of a deal and won't result in a failed exam. The decision is yours though, we are placing this Colorado permit practice test into your able hands and leave it at that!

Some of you may have already noticed the help section with study aids we have integrated into the practice quiz.  These study aids are meant to be used with sample questions you are having troubles answering by yourself.  Whenever you encounter a question like that, you have a choice of requesting more information about the question or by reducing the number of possible answers to the question.  Use either the HINT or the 50/50 button to use these study aids and don't be afraid to play around with them, after all, this is just a permit PRACTICE test for Colorado, it is meant to be a learning tool and you can use whatever help you need to learn the rules of the road!

If you find this online learners permit practice test a bit too hard and feel like you really need an additional study guide, simply download a copy of the Colorado drivers handbook and go over it at least once!  The book contains a completely overview of the state driving law and road signs, it has more than sufficient amount of information to allow you to pass the DMV knowledge test!  The book works even better when you supplement it with free practice permit tests!

Remember, passing the DMV permit test does not have to be hard!  All it takes is a little time, a little patience and these great 2019 Colorado permit test practice questions!