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Your first Colorado practice permit test consists of 20 multiple choice questions that span a wide range of road rules, traffic regulations and road signs.  Driving on the highway, parking on hills, sharing the road with large trucks and motorcycles, defensive driving techniques, traffic signals and pavement markings - it's all right there, inside of this practice quiz, along with detailed answers and explanations that will help you learn faster.  While these are definitely very important topics, we have chosen some of the easier questions for this exam so as not to overwhelm you right from the start.  We have also included helpful study aids to assist you with any Colorado permit test question you find too difficult to answer off the top of your head and we urge you to use these study aids as much as possible, instead of simply selecting a random answer out of the provided options (a completely useless approach, when it comes to learning something new).  If you don't know the answer to the question, click on the hint button and have the practice permit test display more information about the driving rule in question.  When you cannot choose between two options that look similar, call upon the 50/50 button and it will remove two incorrect answers from the Colorado permit practice test for you.   And by the way, even if both of these study aids fail to help you find the right answer, don't despair and don't beat yourself up over any mistakes you make at this point, mistakes are a completely normal part of the learning process, they help you identify the areas you need to work on.  Whenever you pick an incorrect answer, we will alert you to the fact immediately and will display the right answer on the spot!  Furthermore, this online Colorado practice permit test will provide you with a detailed explanation for the correct answer!  These explanations are based on the 2019 Colorado drivers handbook (also known as the permit book) and they offer a great way of learning the rules without having to open the manual every other minute to look for the corresponding traffic law. 

Once you complete the entire free Colorado practice permit test, the system will display your overall score. This grade will help you decide whether you need to repeat the practice quiz again or if it's all right for you to continue on to the next sample exam.  We suggest that you continue working on this practice exam until you can consistently score 90% or higher every time you take the test, without having to use any study aids in the process (that's 18 correct answers or more).  This grade is somewhat higher than the one you are required to achieve during the real drivers permit test, but you really don't want to be walking on the edge when it comes to taking the real exam.  Being able to do a little bit more than you have to creates a nice safety cushion you can lean against and instills a lot of well-deserved confidence, helping you to reduce the amount of stress you will experience during the DMV permit test.   If you don't get the desired grade the first time you take this sample DMV practice test - no need to bang your head against the wall over it!  Remember that this 2019 permit practice for Colorado is completely free and there is no limit to the number of times you can take it, simply keep on repeating the exam and you will get there very quickly!

Looking for an online Colorado practice permit test with hundreds of sample permit test questions and answers?  We've got those too, just check out our learners permit test Simulator or the Colorado permit test cheat sheet!  However, if you are just starting off on the road towards your drivers permit, we recommend that you stick to this regular practice permit test and work your way up though our lineup of sample exams before you test your skills against a massive exam of 100 questions or more.  A smaller practice test has its own benefits - it takes less time to complete, it allows you to single out a small number of driving rules and concentrate on learning those and it helps you get progressively better!  While large CO permit practice tests have their own purpose too, their usefulness for beginners is highly doubtful.  Studying for the Colorado drivers permit test is the case when slow and steady really wins the race!

Enjoy your free Colorado practice permit test (CO) 2019 and don't forget to share it with friends who may be taking the permit test soon!