Before you can start learning to drive and preparing for the practical road skills test, you must pass the general knowledge DMV written test for Colorado residents. Scoring a passing grade on this assessment is the first port of call for all aspiring drivers from Boulder, Colorado Springs, Denver and elsewhere in the state, as it proves they know rules of the road and understand road signs well enough to practice driving in a safe and conscientious manner. In preparation for the permit test, you will need a current edition of the Colorado driver’s handbook, a driver’s education course and a varied range of DMV practice tests – all of which are available here free of charge!

Around the United States, DMV permit tests are orchestrated differently. While some other states conduct written tests with 40 or 50 multiple-choice questions, the Colorado DMV permit test contains just 25. This may seem like cause for celebration on the face of things, but in reality, no permit test is easy to pass. Your Colorado permit test may only contain 25 questions but the database of material which supplies the exam is enormous! There are several hundred questions which could appear on your DMV written test and you have no way of knowing which will come up. So, the number of questions on the actual assessment is irrelevant; you will need to be ready for anything.

Every road rule, road sign and pavement marking you will need to memorize in preparation for the permit test is listed in the 2024 driving manual. Download your free copy from us, or directly from the DMV website. The driver’s manual is designed to act like a dictionary of road rules, signs and traffic laws; it is a fantastic resource when it comes to looking up specific information, but not very engaging if you were to read it cover to cover. The most successful driving students are those who also use a comprehensive drivers ed course to “teach” them about the information in the manual. Driver’s education courses can be expensive but our driver’s education course for Colorado learners is available 100% free of charge. It is broken down into manageable modules and lessons, covering everything you will be asked about during the permit test and much more besides. Most importantly, all the information on our driver’s education course is presented in plain English and supported with useful images and diagrams.

Before you head off to the local DMV office to sit your Colorado learners permit test, make sure you have completed every DMV permit practice test we offer here. You should be able to consistently pass all our quizzes, before trying your luck with the real DMV test. Some of our introductory DMV practice tests use a fixed set of permit test questions, while others will generate new questions each time they are used. We have tests suitable for every stage of your study plan and they have all been built around real-life questions that license applicants have faced in the past.

Your driving theory education does not end as soon as you get your learner’s permit. Once you are qualified to start practicing your driving skills in a real-world driving environment, you should return to our Colorado drivers education course to learn about defensive driving techniques, roadway scanning procedures, alcohol awareness, vehicle maintenance, driving in hazardous conditions and managing different environments. We also have a module dedicated exclusively to the essential driving maneuvers you will be asked to perform during the road skills DMV test for Colorado applicants. Stick with us, and achieving your full, unrestricted license will be a walk in the park!

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