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Stop worrying about how many questions are on the motorcycle permit test in CA and start working on this free practice quiz right now!  The real 2019 motorcycle DMV permit test has 25 questions, but it should not matter to you! When you are prepared, you are prepared - you can keep batting those written test questions away faster than the DMV throws them at you! This free California motorcycle DMV practice test 2019 brings you yet another set of 20 questions from the 2019 DMV permit test, make sure you nail them before you head over to the next exam!

This motorcycle practice permit test features 20 multiple choice questions, with three or four answers provided for every question, just like on the real DMV written test.  However, when it comes to the practice test, there is no failing the exam, this is a study tool and as such, it provides additional study aids you should use as you go through the exam.  Whenever you find yourself stuck at a particularly hard question, don't hesitate to hit the 50/50 button or request for a hint to be shown.  Clicking the 50/50 button will only leave two answers on the screen and one of them is definitely the right one. Hints are small snippets of information that were designed to guide you towards the right answer without being a dead giveaway.  It's totally fine to use them whenever you don't know the answer, but once you've gone through this CA DMV practice test for motorcycles once or twice, try to complete it without using study aids at least once and make sure your grades are up to the DMV standards.

All questions in this sample quiz are based on the rules listed in the current California motorcycle drivers handbook, the book you should have read before you have started working on these, or any other sample questions out there.   Your friends might have told you that you don't need to read the motorcycle drivers manual, you might even know people who have passed just by taking this free DMV practice test or using a DMV cheat sheet - we are not saying it's not possible.  However, by not reading the drivers handbook, you are robbing yourself of a chance to get a lesson in driving your motorcycle defensively, and a free lesson at that. If you were to go to a class that covers the info contained in the book, you would have to pay hundreds of dollars and spend countless hours in the classroom - the DMV is just giving it away for free! Don't waste this opportunity, read the book before you hit this free California motorcycle DMV practice test!

Here is another tricky part.  If you already hold a valid California drivers license, adding a motorcycle M1 or M2 endorsement is easy and the only DMV written test you will need to take is the 25-question motorcycle permit test.  Those who don't have a drivers license yet will have to jump a few extra hoops and take the regular California permit test as well as the motorcycle knowledge exam.  If this is you, we recommend that you don't stop at working on these 2019 motorcycle permit test questions, be sure to go over regular California practice permit quizzes as well and then put yourself to the test with the help of the permit test Simulator!