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Thinking about trading a car for a two-wheeler? Welcome to the club!  However, before you get out there on the road, there is a thing or two to learn about the difference between driving a car and riding a motorcycle.  The driving rules that govern the road are the same for everyone, but due to the differences in the way the motorcycle handles and the fact that it is much less noticeable than the car, driving defensively becomes a thing of utmost importance.  The California motorcycle written test is the final checkpoint that will help you figure out whether you are ready to get onto a motorcycle or if you need to invest a little more time into learning things that may one day save your life.

There are many ways to prepare for the DMV written test: you can read the official motorcycle drivers manual,  you can purchase a DMV cheat sheet on the Internet and hope that it works, or you may study real California motorcycle DMV written test answers with the help of our practice permit test.  Our DMV practice test contains 20 questions from the California motorcycle permit test so you can study exactly what will be on the DMV exam!  All questions are multiple choice, with three or four answers provided for every question.  Only one of the answers is correct, keep that in mind and always go for the most suitable choice.  However, even though our questions are the same as on the real CA DMV motorcycle test, there are some key differences you need to be aware of.  Our motorcycle DMV practice test is a study tool and as such, it has study aids.  Whenever you are stuck, choose between requesting a useful hint or having half of incorrect answers removed from the screen.  On top of that, all of our California motorcycle test questions come with detailed explanations that show up whenever you pick an incorrect answer!

Enjoy your free motorcycle practice test and don't forget to check out other sample quizzes we have prepared for you!  Good luck with the real CA DMV motorcycle test!