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First things first - how do you use this motorcycle cheat sheet and how do you get the most our of it?  At first glance, the California DMV motorcycle test cheat sheet may look similar to other online practice tests you might have already taken on the website, if a little larger.  Don't let yourself be fooled by this first impression.  Unlike any other regular practice test on the website, the DMV cheat sheet does not use a fixed set of questions.  Whenever you begin the test, the cheat sheet pulls 25 random California motorcycle test answers from the knowledge base of 200+ questions and generates a completely unique practice test experience just for you! The process is repeated every time you restart the test, so it's like having an unlimited supply of motorcycle DMV practice tests at your disposal!

Aside from helping you study real 2019 CA motorcycle test answers, the cheat sheet has another great advantage - it is structured just like the real motorcycle permit test and has 25 multiple choice questions, 20 of which need to be answered correctly in order to pass.  The motorcycle DMV cheat sheet is similar to the permit test Simulator in that sense, but while the Simulator recreates the motorcycle written test experience to the smallest detail, the DMV cheat sheet still allows you to use study aids as you go through the test.

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