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Taking the California DMV motorcycle permit test is not that much different from taking the regular DMV written test - you get a set of multiple choice questions and you need to answer most of them correctly in order to walk out of the office with a motorcycle drivers license in your pocket.  There are some key differences, though.  For starters, the M1 license permit test is shorter than your regular California permit test - you get 25 questions instead of 46, and you need to answer only 20 of them correctly.  Another difference lies in what the motorcycle written test focuses on. The regular DMV permit test covers an extensive array of topics: road signs, traffic rules, defensive driving techniques, alcohol laws, fines and penalties... We could go on and on forever.  On the contrary, the California motorcycle permit test is much more structured, with a narrow focus on things essential to motorcyclists - surviving on the road. 

Our free motorcycle DMV practice test presents some of the most common California DMV motorcycle test questions to help you prepare for the exam and not get caught off-guard at the DMV.  This CA DMV motorcycle practice test is organized very similarly to the real exam: multiple choice questions with three or four answers, only one of the answers being correct. What is different, though, is the fact that there is no such thing as failing with this practice test - even if you don't answer all of the questions the first time you take it, you can go back and keep taking our motorcycle practice test again and again, until you are fully satisfied with your grades!  Our 2019 motorcycle practice test CA quiz is free and we urge you to take full advantage of this awesome study tool!

Another quick pointer to those who have just started working on this California motorcycle endorsement practice test - do yourself a favor and read the official California motorcycle drivers manual before you head off to the local DMV office! You can read the book before, after or while working on this California DMV motorcycle practice test 2019, do it whichever way you want it, but do it!