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The CA DMV motorcycle test coming up and you're not sure where to start?  You are not the only one! Dazed and confused - that's how you could describe a first time motorcycle drivers license applicants who has run a search on google and ended up with millions of pages that will supposedly help him pass the motorcycle DMV written test in 2019.  So what makes our free California motorcycle practice test better than anything else you can find out there?

For starters, our motorcycle practice test CA quiz is filled with real DMV written test answers.  All of the questions in the exam come straight from the real motorcycle permit test.  We believe that there is no better way to prepare for the exam than by studying exactly what's going to be on it. This does not mean that you should not real the official California motorcycle drivers manual - the book is great and will provide you with a lot of background information on defensive driving techniques, accident prevention and tonnes of useful tips for staying safe.  However, if we are talking DMV permit test preparation - you must study real permit test questions and our 2019 DMV motorcycle practice test can help you with that.

Having said that, we believe that simply throwing a bunch of questions at you won't really help you that much.  This is why we have added a hint of interactivity into the quiz.  Our California M1 license practice test has great study aids you can play with - hints and the 50/50 option.  Hints are small snippets of additional information that can guide you towards the right answer, while the 50/50 button eliminates two incorrect answers, leaving you with a much simpler choice.  On top of that, our California motorcycle practice permit test will always display the correct answer for any question you miss and provide a detailed explanation for that answer.  Don't bother with writing them down as you go, you will get another chance to review your answers at the end of the test!

Enjoy your free California motorcycle practice test (CA) 2019 and good luck at the DMV!