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We all love the feeling of warm sun on our faces and wind in our hair, the sound the tires make when the rob against concrete, the smell of hot hot iron.  All these awesome things you can enjoy when you ride a motorcycle.   However, let's not forget that riding a motorcycle is also one of the more dangerous things you'll do in life and staying safe is extremely important.  Knowledge is safety and that's why it is extremely important that you treat the California motorcycle permit test not as a dull chore you have to submit to, but as an awesome opportunity to learn safe riding techniques and defensive tactics that can save your life some day.  Don't study for the California motorcycle DMV permit test just because the DMV wants you to, learn the rules so you can enjoy a safe lengthy life on your two-wheeler!

This free motorcycle practice test CA quiz is one of many exams in the series, designed to teach you some of the most important things about riding a motorcycle and how to do it safely.  Negotiating the right-of-way with other road users, knowing about the effects alcohol has on your riding ability, dealing with blown tires and stuck clutches - you have to learn about these things before you get out on the road.  This 2019 California motorcycle practice test has 20 multiple choice questions that cover these and many other topics.  Every question presents you with four answers, but only one of the answers is correct.  Don't worry if you can't pass the motorcycle license practice test right away - not many people can.  Whenever you miss a question, the DMV practice test will display the correct answer and provide a useful explanation that will help you memorize the question and answer it correctly next time.  There will also be time for additional review at the end of the exam, once you get your scores in.  Don't rush through that section, take another moment to read through every California motorcycle permit test question you've missed so you don't make the same mistake twice, then retake the exam right away! Once you are able to answer 90% of these questions correctly every time you take the exam, you're good to move on to the next motorcycle practice permit test in the lineup.