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If you are like 90% of other first-time Arkansas drivers license applicants, road signs is probably not at the top of your list of priorities when it comes to preparing for the DMV written test. You may even be thinking of doing the DMV written test without taking a single Arkansas drivers practice test.  It's easy to fall victim to the misguided belief that road signs are all about common knowledge and that your study time is better spent on learning the rules.  We are here to tell you that road signs is one of the most important topics on your Arkansas permit test and you absolutely must invest time into learning them if you want to walk out of the DMV office with a drivers license in your pocket after the first visit.  Did you know that up to a third of all learners permit test questions can be dedicated to signs?  This is huge, since it literally means that traffic signs are the only single topic that can make or break the permit test!  First-time applicants tend to underestimate the gravity of traffic signs and concentrate on "important" rules, such as child seat belt laws or DUI penalties, without realizing that those subjects will contribute no more than one or two questions to their exam paper! 

This free Arkansas drivers practice test is a self-assessment tool that will help you establish your current degree of competence when it comes to Arkansas road signs for the learners permit test.  The test is structured similarly to other sample exams on the website and consists of 20 multiple choice questions that cover road signs and nothing but road signs.  Every question has four answers, only one of the answers is correct.  Since it is essentially a self-assessment tool, this Arkansas practice permit test does not contains any study aids or cheats you could use to get through difficult questions.  In addition to that, we recommend that you refrain from using the drivers manual while working on this practice exam and cover up any Arkansas road signs study sheets you may have posted on the wall.  Using additional study materials while taking the practice test will affect the accuracy of the evaluation and will not allow you to get a good estimate of your current skills.

Once of the largest differences between this Arkansas drivers permit practice test and regular exams you might have taken previously is the method used for selecting questions for the exam.  A regular permit practice test has to make do with a fixed set of questions.  These questions may be rotates, their order may be shuffled and switched around, but at the end of the day, they are still the same 20 questions.   Mind you, this is not a bad approach and it works great when you need to learn a limited set of road signs or driving rules, it's just not that useful for appraising your overall progress.  This is why this Arkansas road signs practice test is structured in a completely different manner.  Instead of working with a predefined set of questions, the practice test utilizes its connection to the question bank of over 100 sample questions on Arkansas road signs!  Every time you sign into the page, the system chooses 20 new random questions from the knowledge bank and builds a unique custom  practice quiz!  This ensures that there is no bias and that all Arkansas traffic signs get equal representation on the exam!

The objective for this 2020 Arkansas drivers permit practice test is to score no less than 90% every time you take the quiz.  This means answering at least 18 questions correctly out of the total of 20 questions.  If you find that your grade never rises above 80%, we recommend that you downgrade to conventional practice permit tests and use them until you've built a solid foundation, then return to this exam and polish your newly acquired skills.  Remember, this is an evaluation tool and regular exams will help you learn faster!

Have a question to suggest for this free Arkansas drivers practice permit test (AR) 2020?   Just drop it into the comment box, we'll be happy to research it for you and will include it in the question bank with the next update!