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Summoning enough motivation to study for the Arkansas permit test is not an easy thing and we're quite adept and finding excuses for our procrastination.  Most students who end up preparing for the learners permit test (we are not even going to cover those who go in and attempt to wing it) do it the night before the exam.  Sadly, this doesn't work more often than it does and half of all first-time test takers fail the written test.  This is the bad news.  The good news is that you can easily ensure that you will become part of the winning group, among people who walk out of the DMV office with a drivers license in their back pocket, and it doesn't even take that much time!  Here is how this DMV practice permit test can help you overcome your procrastination and guarantee that you pass the written test the first time you take it!

Lack of time is among one of the most common excuses for people who don't study for the test.  This Arkansas DMV permit practice test was designed to address that issue!  It doesn't matter how little time you may think you have, this practice quiz will fit your schedule anyway!  Completing the DMV practice test once takes under 5 minutes of your time and you don't even have to be in front of the computer to do so!  Grab your iPhone and take the practice exam with you wherever you go!  Riding a bus to school?  Sign into the website and complete this DMV practice test!  Hanging out with friends out in the yard?  Sign into the website and complete this DMV practice test!  Standing in line at the DMV?  You guessed it!  Sign into the website and complete this Arkansas DMV practice test!  Seriously, whenever you have a moment to spare, just sign in and do the test, it doesn't take much time and these moments will add up!  The key is to start early and this is why we recommend that you start studying at least two weeks before the day of your DMV appointment!

Studying the right stuff is one of the key concerns for many students and it's a valid one too!  You really don't want to spend hours doing sample exams just to find out that they were not even state-specific!  While you cannot study the actual Arkansas DMV written test online, this free DMV driving pretest contains quite a few real permit test questions from the exam that were submitted to us by other users!  Other sample questions are based on the driving book, also commonly referred to as the Arkansas permit test book!  The name comes from the fact that the entire learners permit test is based on the information you can find in the manual and nothing else, it really is one of the best drivers license study guides you can find online!   It's free too, so you should definitely check it out if you have not done so yet!

This 2020 Arkansas DMV practice test was designed as a learning tool and as such, it is geared towards providing you with the best learning experience possible!  Sample exams that are graded at the end of the quiz are ok when it comes to evaluating your current progress, but they are close to useless when you want to learn something new, especially if there's a large number of questions involved.  Our online DMV permit practice test is different and is graded on the go - you know whether you have answered a question correctly as soon as you indicate your answer of choice!  Not only will the practice quiz provide you with the correct answer, but it will also furnish a detailed explanation for that answer so you don't have to get distracted and waste your valuable test time on searching the driving book for this information.   This kind of immediate targeted feedback will help you learn faster and isn't that what it's all about?

Once done working on this free Arkansas DMV practice permit test (AR) 2020, take a pause and check out other sample exams we have prepared for you!