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This may come as a surprise, but road signs is one of the most overlooked and underestimated topics on the Arkansas permit test that has cost more than a single drivers license applicant their chance to walk out of the DMV office with a new drivers license in the back pocket.  Most of the drivers license applicants spend little to no time on studying Arkansas road signs because they believe that traffic signs are "common knowledge" and there is simply nothing new to learn about them.  The permit test usually proves them wrong, but why wait until you get into the office and risk failing the exam, instead of allocating just a little of your study time to learning the essentials?  Time is really not an issue here - completing this Arkansas practice permit test takes 5 minutes or less, anyone can do five minutes, no matter how busy their schedule is!  You don't even have to be stuck in front of the computer - take the road signs practice test with you on your iPhone wherever you go!  Waiting for a pick up from school?  Take the permit practice test! Your favorite TV show was interrupted by a commercial?  Take the permit practice test! Feeling bored and can't find anything fun to do?  Sign into the website and complete this Arkansas permit practice test!  Five minutes may not seem like much, but these short study sessions will stack up to a massive result.  The trick to successfully passing the Arkansas drivers license test the first time you take it is to start studying as early as possible (we recommend to start no later than two weeks before the appointment) and repeat practice quizzes frequently!

This Arkansas practice permit test is the first in the line up of sample quizzes that concentrate on traffic signs and it covers the most essential signs you need to know for the permit test.  The exam is built around 20 permit test questions, all multiple choice, with three or four answers provided for every question.  While most of the questions will have an accompanying image to help you learn the sign on sight, some of the sample question provide you with only a textual description of a sign.  This is not a mistake and your drivers permit will feature more than a single question like that, the DMV requires you to be able to recognize the signs based on their textual description, a bare shape or color.  Knowing the difference between a diamond-shaped sign and a rectangular-shaped sign doesn't seem like much right now, while you're seated in front of your computer screen, with a hot beverage by your side, but when you are out there on the highway, driving through heavy fog, this skill may mean literally save your life.  Knowing the shapes for traffic signs is extremely important, don't ignore this skill if you want to pass the test the first time!

This free Arkansas practice permit test is graded on the fly and you don't have to finish the entire exam to find out what questions you've missed.  Whenever you make a mistake (and we hope there will only be a few of them), the practice permit test will always alert you to the error and display the right answer next to the one you have chosen.  To help you learn even faster, our sample quiz will provide a detailed description of the road sign covered by the question you've missed so you do not have to waste time on searching the Arkansas drivers book for this information.  While we generally recommend that you work on a practice permit test until you are able to answer 90% of all questions correctly, we urge you to cover all sample questions on this exam and not to proceed to the next quiz until you are able to score 100% on the test without having to use any study aids in the process.  This won't take you long and it will really pay off during your visit to the DMV office!

Don't forget to bookmark this free Arkansas permit practice test (AR) on 2020 road signs before you move on to the next exam and good luck at the DMV!